RIP Thread


Alright lofty boy :laughing:


RIP to poor soul in accident on M50 at Finglas exit today.
If reports are true, its quite horrific accident.
Awful for family especially as some on SM seem to find it reasonable to bandy around photos without consideration for family and friends. Just another posting.

Tough on emergency response team as well.


Whoever took that picture is the scum of the earth. And anyone who shares it not far behind.


Guards arrested him apparently


Proper order too - truck fell on the car apparently - video doing the rounds - hope family and friends don’t get to see it - hope the scum that took is prosecuted


The truck fell on the car?


Its like the ISIS videos…why would anyone want to watch that?. Aside from basic respect for the deceased, it really cant be good for you.


And he’ll get a slap on the wrist if that.

He should get a lot worse.

This is why I don’t do social media.


RIP - jesus the thought of it would send a shiver through the spine. The other terrible thing about this (and I have no interest in seeing or looking for it, just going by what’s on this thread) is that many young people will likely have easy access to this.


Saw it today , thought it was a Photoshop job :neutral_face:


Pure sick people out there posting this stuff. Hope they throw the book at him.


Got caught up in the traffic jam in the aftermath.
Amount of people in cars recording the scene on their phones was unreal.


We are becoming desensitised to awfulness, losing our ability to feel, to empathise, losing our sense of shock. Technology is at the root of this. It is changing us as a species, for the worse. A colleague had a photo of the Finglas tragedy sent to her on WhatsApp. It was clearly going viral. Good word, viral. I delete lots of stuff now and will delete people who send on horrible stuff. It’s for another thread but if we don’t make a stand for our species against technology, it will soon be too late. Man is becoming a machine.


I blame Tarantino. And video games. Nobody in the 90s cried stop!


The trend of people recording other people’s mishaps and tragic deaths is all consuming now, I find it sickening. I get very angry at some of our community at times for this shit. Very angry!


Any reason why this wasnt on the 9 o’clock news ?


It was car crash with a fatality but horrific. I’d hope rte saw need that due to nature of it, best to leave be…I’d be less hopeful of tabloids tomorrow.


I think part of people is void in peoples lives to feel empowered etc. so anyone forwarding on, likes to feel that they were seen to have the inside track - on the best SM links etc.
Likes of FB is just full of turgid nonsense - look at my dinner, kids or pets nonsense. The need to share of whatever to feel like their run of the mill life isn’t that.


Ironically we have Data Protection, GDPR etc yet people have never had their privacy invaded more …


Agreed, just thought it odd . I wonder if all that crap hadn’t appeared online would it have been a top news story then.