RIP Thread


Rip Bob Einstein (aka super Dave) but in recent times, the glorious Marty Funkhouser on curb your enthusiasm. A measure of the man and the comedian, that he was one of the shining stars in best of TV comedy programs.
Also made 2 great appearances in Gerry Seinfeld’s - comedians in cars getting coffee.


“Mean” Gene Okurlund


Brilliant in Curb . Never knew he was Albert Brooks brother.




Sad to hear that, brilliant guy


Love this show!!




Herb Kelleher Founder of Southwest Airlines and Godfather of Budget airlines


Someone O’Leary learned everything but courtesy from.


Who did you think had died?


I was giving fake news.


RIP Bambi.

Jesus, imagine taking the dog for a walk at the 15 Acres and a Range Rover with a mounted gun rack pulls up. Ye Gods. Is Miggledy being invaded?


Or worse, Emmet Stagg with a faraway look in his eye…


Yeah, Phoenix Park wildlife takes on a hole whole new meaning with him around.


I’m happy to live without the courtesy from Ryanair if it means clear albeit rigid rules giving multiple route options and low fares.
For decades, the country was lumbered solely with antiquated Aer Lingus and their excessive costs and archaic work practices.


Poor family. She died a hero though


Laid to rest today. Beautiful lady taken way to soon. Brave hero above it all. RIP Dawn Croke.


I only discovered over the weekend that Eileen Battersby died shortly before Christmas after a car crash. I often enjoyed her reviews on subjects that I otherwise had little interest in. I suppose about 15-20 years ago I would have read more of her stuff when I was a regular purchaser of a paper edition of The Irish Times but found myself confining my reading to news and sport as it went online.


Windsor Davies


Used to love It Ain’t Half Hot Mum