RIP Thread


Buzzcocks lead singer Pete Shelley aged 63.


Ah bollox. Loved Pete’s vocals!


Not THIS Peter Shelly?


Oh Shit !



Paddy Ashdown

Big loss for the remain side


Always struck me as a very honourable chap. Can’t remember anything nasty about him!


Nicknamed Paddy Pantsdown by the tabloids after being caught offside. Worse things could happen to you I suppose.



Cathal O’Leary All Irlend winner with Dublin in 1958 passed away yesterday



Quality politician. Some suitability impressive clips going about today on Twitter highlighting his intellect and thoughtfulness on host of topics.
When you look at the dullards in parliaments on both sides on Irish Sea, you can see how the bar has dropped. Rip


Europe going the same way as the U.S. Gobshites in both sides shouting like eejits. People like Ashdown are few and far between unfortunately.


Rip Cathal.
Right half back on AIF winners in 1958 on what was undoubtedly the pinnacle of Vincents achievements -18 medals that day between SF and MF wins. Like many a great player in many clubs, continued to be a Trojan worker in club for many a year thereafter . Rip


Well there’s a thing now. Ashdown was seemingly a descendant of Daniel O’Connell


Very sorry to hear of the passing of Jer,I was with him and his son Diarmuid in Glasgow to see Celtic win the league, Diarmuid stayed on that night and lost his life in a fire.


June Whitfield


Another fondly remembered character from our childhood gone. Father Time picks away relentlessly.


Scott Doran, 44 - Wexford footballer. Sad.


Jaysus that’s awful, an excellent player he was too.