RIP Thread


Wasn’t so dusty at d’aul snooker either


Former BBC Newsreader Richard Baker


Alec Finn from De Dannan died too. I d have to recheck the sleeve notes ( someone tell the kids what that means) but I m sure he played on a couple of tracks on the waterboys fisherman blues album as well.


Weeshie Fogarty of Kerry gaa and Radio Kerry match commentary fame rip. 77 years of age , the last 15 mins or so of him and Ambrose o Donovan ( I think) commentating on the 2011 final still makes me smile.


Classic radio…


In fairness, they were both very complimentary to us at the end of that game!


Indeed they were , it’s their excitability as much as their bias that made me enjoy it ( and knowing how the game finished of course).


Brilliant commentator, great GAA man, RIP


Sad to hear. A real character. Done a lot of good work outside of commentating in his career as a physicatric nurse. Go gently on your way Wheeshie.


R.I.P. Weeshie. He was brilliant. The Radio Kerry overdub of the 2011 Final on YouTube is classic. His cohort “Gary” makes a bollix of several things but it’s magic to listen to all the same.


In fact I’m going to watch the second half before I go to bed with a big smile on my face.


Weeshie always commentated with somewhat green and gold tinted glasses, but you’d have to expect that, in fairness. I always found him gracious to Dublin and other counties to whom Kerry lost out.


Awful news

No one should ever go to a game not come home


Stephen Hillenberg, creator of Spongebob Squarepants, aged 57.


Great story of how he went from being a marine biologist to creating the most successful show in Nickelodeon history by simply combining his job with a love of animation.


Son had been writing his tweets while he was in hospital .
Inspirational man .




Didn’t realise he was older than Jimmy Carter.


Sheamus Howlin, former chairperson of the Leinster council. Met him once and found him a most gentlemanly, dignified individual. Condolences to his family.


Poor aul Fr. Devereux