RIP Thread


Limerick hurling legend Leonard Enright RIP. Only hours after being inducted into the Hall of fame at last night’s All Stars awards.


Rip Leonard… what a fullback.
Wouldn’t negate a forward with “traditional” fullback methods but would dominate with his athleticism and hurling ability.
Great all round sportsman. One of those players from back the years who you would be sure would thrive in the modern era.


Eccentric musician and composer, Micháel O Súilleabháin has died.

His composition, “Ah, Sweet Dancer” is one of my favourite pieces ever. Very hard to find a link on YouTube.

Actually, just found a YouTube link, someone used it as a tribute to Gloria Gaynor, of all people…


Loved his stuff. His albums in the late 80s and early 90s were a revelation to me in terms of an idea of Classical Irish Music but I suppose just following in the fingerpicks of Seán O’Ríada and others. But his style was uniquely uplifting. May he RIP and many thanks for what he gave us.


Sad day, a brilliant man in so many ways, not least his ability to make the soul glow with warmth!

Here’s a link to Sean O’Rourke’s RTÉ page with his brilliance for all to hear.

Couldn’t just post the link to it directly from the phone for some reason.


Very sad day. Absolutely brilliant artist. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a Anam.


Former Louth manager Paddy Clarke has passed away. He won championships in five different counties.



Very sad to hear . big part in clubs in Dublin , coached Mearnog, Brigid’s and Crokes, the latter 2 he won Championships with.


Great achievement. Must have been relatively young too.


Don’t think he managed Crokes? Was it Paddy Carr who managed them? Carr and Clarke both managed Louth.


Stan Lee


The guy on the left?


Ah jaysus. RIP Stan Lee.


Crap , literally watched a series last Friday which was about his strained relationship with Jack Kirby .


Douglas Rain, the voice of HAL in ‘2001 A Space Odyssey’ aged 90.

DAVE: “Open the pod bay doors, Hal”
HAL: “I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that”


Sonny Knowles


He was only on Ronan Collin’s radio show this week!


Poor old sonny was actually a very decent skin who did lots of events for old folks homes and kids with special needs.

He seemed to be the same age for the last 30 years or So. RIP.


Sang in the Church at the funeral of founding St Monica’s member, Terry Monahan.


Was just thinking that he used to be on live at 3 dead at 4,back in the day that was 30 odd years ago he seemed as old as the audience back then.