RIP Thread


Peter Brackley Football Italia commentator for Channel 4


Another great iconic sports person. Think he used to do midweek commentary for BBC Radio 2 Sports, pre-5-Live. Or was it itv?


A very good commentator, knowledgeable and treated the viewer as if they had a bit of intelligence. No endless waffle or talking up a shite game.


Apparently he was a comedian as well and worked on Spitting image.

Loved watching Football Italia on Channel 4 back in the 90s


Paul Allen co-founder of Microsoft.

Also owner of the Seattle Seahawks


and Portland Trail Blazers I think


Also has/had one of the most glorious business cards ever known to mankind.

Not a big fan of Huey Lewis and The News though I believe.


I think he missed a great global comedic opportunity by not renaming the team the Seattle Shitehawks.


The King of Tory Island Patsy Dan Rodgers has died aged 74.

Mr Rogers passed away at the Mater Hospital in Dublin surrounded by his family on Friday.

He was born on Westland Row in Dublin, but was later adopted by a family on Tory Island, a mere few miles off the coast of Donegal.

Although only speaking English at the time of his adoption, he would quickly fall in love with the Irish language and culture of the Island.


He quite likely changed the course of history


So did propaganda


That’s an amazing coinky dink. Was watching the movie of his WW2 escapades on TCM just a few days ago. Starred Richard Widmark. Some story !


Music promoter John Reynolds

Only 52


Most relevant thread for this probably

Rumours that Whitey Bulger after being murdered in Prison

EDIT: BBC reporting it now albeit citing US media


Some boyo was Whitey, not that I knew him. The documentary Whitey: The United States versus … is fantastic. Black Mass isn’t bad either, if a little boring.


The Town is a good flick.


Its decent yeah. Not about Whitey though. You mean the Departed?


Nope. I know it’s not about him but this story made me think of that flick and others in a similar vein. I think Affleck does some class movies, always keep you thinking as well as entertained. There’s a low-key one called Live By Night that’s worth a goo. More old-school of the genre.
He hasn’t done a truly great one yet but I think it’s well in him.


I Hear You Paint Houses is a decent read. Written by one of Bulger’s chief henchmen.


Black Mass beats them all for detail. Howie Carr’s effort is well done also.