RIP Thread


Charles Aznavour died today. R.I.P.


Yep had every episode of that. Annoyed me at the time but it was written by Garth Ennis so it was. The late Steve dillion drew it, he died within the last year too.

But Carlos was the man. As well as 2000ad.he did major ezy for Battle, for the slightly older readers here lol.


Sad to hear that in later years, he ended up packing shelves in his local Tesco, or something until the show was given a re-birth not too long ago.


Nope he did it in the early 90s to get out of the house, he wasn’t skint. The tabloids made a big thing of it.


Jeeze if I want to get out of the house for a while I go for a walk in the park. I don’t go to Tesco’s and start packing shelves.


He said in an interview his wife was fed up with him in the house so that’s how it happened. It was two nights a week apparently. Loads of actors need to get by I thought the way the papers covered it was like he had lost everything and all that shite they like to give you a kicking over but he said it was literally as above.

He could have done panto forever, some make so much they barely need to work the rest of the year. A bit like noddy holder and shakin stevens. Holder still gets half a million for merry Christmas everybody lol


Montserrat Caballe. Probably most famous in popular culture for her duet with Freddie Mercury on Barcelona, but she was one of the all time great sopranos.


Sad to hear that. Does it mean the end of the Cabale in here?


Scott Wilson from The Walking Dead and CSI passed away after a battle with leukaemia


Great in walking dead. RIP Scott.



God love her Kids


RIP. Terribly sad and unfortunately more to come.


Some deaths feel like an act of bullying by God, the gods or fate. This is one of those.


Heartbreaking. RIP emma. She was an incredibly brave woman.


Our government won’t give two shits . A few tweets here and there about sadness etc. They ultimately killed that poor young woman


Agree. They have let women down in the past. Hep anti d injection when that cu ty balls Noonan couldn’t issue an apology to brigid McCole.


Deadly Doug dead.
For all of the criticism of him, Villa were a better run and performing club in his hands.


The likes of Doug Ellis were sane when you look at the lunatics in charge of clubs today . Do you remember the saint and greavsie show on ITV back in the 80s where they used to laugh at Jesus Gil who sacked the manager nearly every year at Ath Madrid . They re all like Jesus Gil now , worse in fact.


Thought he had passed on a long time ago.

He seems normal for the sackings compared to the likes of that crowd running Watford


The ironic thing is the period between his stints as Chairman were probably Villas most successful in the last 50 years League champions and European Cup winners