RIP Thread


Great film. And then tbe dopey fuckers went and made three and four.


They didn’t stop at four…


I don’t count them other two. Still trying to figure out Prometheus


He was an interesting guy. He served six years as a marine in Vietnam, moved to the UK & became a folk singer (he had a couple of minor hits), became a BBC Radio 1 DJ and then took up acting.

Actually 3 is better than people remember. The Assembly Cut is actually quite good and while it is not as good as the first two it is far better than the films which came after. I would have loved to see Vincent Ward’s version fully realised however.

I saw the original cut of Aliens in the IFI over the summer when they had the 70mm print. It was great to see on the big screen, but it did drive home how good the Director’s cut is. Often times I find Director’s cuts over indulgent and just adding back in stuff which was rightly cut, but Aliens is a great example of when it works.


Agree with all of that. Three is criminally underrated. David Fincher’s first film. He’s gone on to show what he can do!


I must watch that again. It’s been a long long time since I seen it so I might have a different perspective on it now. Funny I remember been really disappointed but then again after Aliens who could blame me. Though the scene at the end with Ripley always stuck in my mind. Charles Dance and Charles S Dutton are great actors, so feck it I have my Friday night movie lined up. cheers!


Well worth revisiting, but try to watch the Assembly Cut. It was based off of Fincher’s notes on how he wanted to edit the film before the studio basically threw him off the project. There are quite a few differences between it and the theatrical cut (it makes a lot more sense and does a much better job of developing the characters). It is still not as good as the first two, but it is a big improvement.

The assembly cut is on the Quadrilogy DVD box-set released in 2003 and the Blu-ray box-set from 2010.


Yeah. As a first time director he had basically no say. Shafted in many ways. But they should have stopped at the third one alright. Fincher is one of my favorite directors.


Agree on Fincher , Fight Club is a classic , the book is just as good .


James Lawton, brilliant sports writer, died suddenly today in Italy. As Jimmy Magee would say - different class.


Ah shite. Very good sports writer


Great writer.


Excellent writer. RIP.


Ah no one who I would regularly read first.


Geoffrey Hayes presenter of Rainbow


Ah no, that’s sad news.


RIP Geoffrey.


Carlos Equerra - legendary comic strip artist

first time i saw his work was in 200ad prog 178 - a classic stronium dog story. by coincidence it was out just over 38 years ago


Heard about this in a documentary once , you ever read these ones :rofl:


loved that comic growing up. Great artist. RIP Carlos.