RIP Thread


Starting rehearsals for one of his plays next week. Great comedy playwright. RIP


Great piece :+1:


Nice tribute to former Clare footballer Michael O’Shea.

All the Photos of #15 being Retired for the day and lay in respect, that I could find on twitter. Great coming together by all clubs and a beautiful day for Football.

Lissycasey and KIB laying there #15s on the pitch in Kilmihil


Really nice touch. RIP young man


Jacqueline Pearce who played the main villain in Blake’s 7. I remember watching interviews with her in the past, she came across as having a great sense of humour and as someone who enjoyed having fun & pushing the boundaries of decorum.


Always loved that show


Wow, that’s a blast from the past.

Blakes 7…the poor mans Dr Who.

A female baddie?

What a daft idea ! :wink:


She was pretty hot in her PVC and then there was Jenna… :heart_eyes:


Inquest result is that Dolores O’Riordan died as a result of drowning in her hotel room bath. No signs of self-harm.

Sad in that it could have been prevented though I am sure those that are close to her must be relieved that it was an accidental death.


It is just so desperately heart-breaking.
Too much booze or whatever. Hot bath to soothe the soul. Fall asleep and never wake up. Fate is an evil ■■■■■■■.


Burt Reynolds rip


RIP Bandit


RIP Burt. Smokey and the Bandit and cannonball run one of those 80’s films that where always on (maybe because there was fuck else on)


Ah he was a legend. RIP Burt.


Ah no.

RIP Bandit.


A bit of a cantankerous git in later years but i loved him & Jerry Reed in Smokie .
Brilliant in Boogie Nights . And who could forget Deliverance .


Great stuff, some mad stunt work there!


Sorry to hear of his passing - he had some great one liners. I heard an interview with him on BBC Radio 2 recently (the last couple of years) and Steve Wright asked about his famous friends - the conversation went something along the lines of;

“You’re friends with Dolly Parton, aren’t you? How well do you know Dolly?”

“I’m very good friends with Dolly - I know her so well that when I’m talking to her I look at her face.”



Rapper/singer/producer Mac Miller aged 26 after an apparent overdose


Poor old Denis Norden. Lived to a grand old age. Always found him to be a witty, engaging character on the box.