RIP Thread


RIP Michael. An absolute gent, knew him well. Riddled with cancer the couple years. Was a good manager too. Involved a couple years ago with Clare u21s and helped manage manage Kilmihill to intermediate title. He was on management team with his home club Kilkee earlier in year. His best game for Clare was probably in Munster final 2012 when scored 4 points from play against Cork,


That’s just way too young. May he rest in peace. Awful awful news.


Con Ryan passed away today. Con put years of hard work into the promotion of hurling in Dublin. A native of Tipperary and member of Na Fianna he served as both Chairman and Secretary of the Junior Hurling Board.


Really sad news. Con was an out and out gentlemen. I was part of Setanta’s first ever adult team, and Con presented us with our first trophy at Junior level at the presentation night held in Commercials Clubhouse.
Himself and John Leonard where the heartbeat of Adult Hurling in Dublin.
Met him on the way out from our Leinster win in 2013 with tears in his eyes, he said he never thought he’d see it in his lifetime.
Chodhail go sámh anocht a chara, go raibh míle as ocht an méid a rinne thú.


Jeeze I remember Con from my own youth. The man was as old as time itself and a great club man. RIP.


Con and John Leonard were a great help to Setanta when we first entered an adult team.As far as I remember Con worked in King’s Hospital in Palmerstown and when he retired he moved to Navan and became involved with O’Mahoney’s hurling section. After a few years there I met him at a funeral in Meath and asked him how the hurling was doing in the club and he said to me that the problem with Navan was that there were too many Meath men there!Cinnte,ní bheidh a leithéid arís ann!


Well respected in Navan O’Mahonys. Well known around the town. I never knew or met him personally but rest in peace Con.


John McCain RIP.


God speed John Glenn.



It shows how divisive Donald Trump is when he can’t pay a personal tribute, whilst former presidents of both parties have.

Any according to CNN…Trump won’t be invited to the funeral.

What a bum.


Might not a agree with a lot of the things he did but he was one of the last principled (for want of a better word) GOPers who saw what Trump was and the danger that he is from Day 1 and stood by it.




Also…there’s no actual tribute to McCain himself…only commiserations to his family.

Obama, Bush & Clinton all paid tribute to the person.

If the news outlets are picking this up…it won’t be long before he issues another tweet.

Trump can’t even do sincerity.


He won’t be invited to the funeral at the request of McCain before he died. Also asked Bush Jnr and Obama to give the eulogies a not so subtle message to him.

And yep The petty narcissistic prick will say something nasty eventually he won’t be able to resist it.


He read from a piece of paper when he talked about Aretha Franklin’s death.

Narcissistic prick is a perfect description.


Neil Simon playwright. Writer of the Odd Couple amongst others


Trump manages to make the guy who invited Sarah Palin onto the presidential ticket seem like a wise and sage statesman.


Palin was forced on him IMO to get the “Tea Party” vote. He could have possibly won if he had “normal” GOPer with him on the ticket.


It was a clear sign of things to come.


Niel Simon , loved the Odd Couple .