RIP Thread


The original Veronica Corningstone.

Fair play Al !


She was brilliant, loved that show


Bill Paxton gone :sweat:, complecations from surgery .
Balls :hushed:


Ah sh*t, I liked him in his films, good guy from what i read about him. RIP

He was in Million Dollar Arm as well, played the coach- really well


Cormac McAnallen, 13th anniversary today. A great talent taken far too early. RIP.


I see Eamon Casey has passed away. He brought a whole new meaning to the phrase “It could happen to a bishop”.
Poor man was vilified for succumbing to human nature. At least he did so with a consenting adult and not a young boy or girl.


Rubberbanditis had a similar, pointed take on it:


I thought he was vilified for being a hypocrite and an embezzler but maybe that’s just me.


He was vilified for that too, but by those who were obviously without sin and could cast the first stone.


Chuck Berry


Shit ! Saw him in Ballisodare Festival , he played using Paul Brady’s band . What a catalogue of music , love No money down , and Cest la Vie .


RIP Chuck Berry. Let it Rock.


The guy had a good innings . Not many will have “enjoyed” the ecentric life he did .


Derry City FC captain Ryan Mc Bride passed away aged 27.


Shocking. Scored in the 3-1 win over Dundalk last week. God rest him.


Terrible news.
Very hard for a family to take such a loss.


Martin McGuinness RIP.
A man who came a long way. No doubt had a hand in some dubious acts but I think history will paint a good picture of him ultimately.


That’s a short time from when he stepped back/retired to his death. Dark past no doubt but he brought change for the better . RIP.


RIP Martin mcguiness.


A sad week for the people of Derry losing two of their most famous sons.

Codladh sámh Máirtín agus Ryan