RIP Thread


Queen of soul!


When she gets to the Pearly Gates and sees George Michael kicking his heels, will she sing “I knew you were waiting for me”?

Absolutely an all-time great.


Aretha (along with Otis and Marvin Gaye) the three greatest for me. Smokey Robinson up there too, and Diana Ross.


Another road racer passes away, I love the sport but it’s getting too much in recent years. Time to call a halt sadly.


@Vin did you hear something about some moron spectator with a selfie stick putting himself and riders in danger? Haven’t had time to look it up


Only saw it on Twitter

At least it was the spectator who ended up in hospital rather than the rider that time


The Queen of Soul has passed on. RIP Aretha


RIP amazing talent


Rip. Had her 1st 2 children at 13 and 14. Amazing what she went on to achieve afterwards




RIP kofi Annan.


A great man. One of the great diplomats of the late 20th Century/Early 21st Century. Shame we haven’t got more people like him in big offices around now.



Poor old Robbie Rotten! :frowning:


Won’t be catching Sportacus now


way to young. fucking cancer. RIP.


Brutal - RIP Michael.


Played 15 years intercounty. Very sad. RIP


RIP - very sad.


Connolly, Lowndes, Robbie and Agent Smith from the Matrix at last years dancing with the stars


very sad may he RIP