RIP Thread


Is Ogle the union guy?


No, the boxing trainer.


ah, right. I remember him, may he Rest in Peace.


Seems to have been a great guy, helped alot of young folks find a decent path in life. Though boxing can be a cruel game.


Off to a funeral later on off another good man taken by the dreaded cancer. just seems like every 2nd death I hear of these days is cancer related


Jimmy Kelly, brother of Luke.

A great musician, a great Dub!


Sad to hear.


Was meant for your post on Jimmy Kelly, @Rochey




Opportunity lost to have used Que ? instead :smirk:


Hate quoting myself, but had to post this video of Jimmy singing at Luke’s graveside:


I hear Peter Strongfellow has died.
Will they be able to get the lid on his coffin?



It’s a platitude now to say “that’s very sad”. I really liked his programs, didn’t know much of his private life except he was a bit wild. He always looked like he would give himself a heart attack one day but I’m a bit shocked to hear this, he seemed to enjoy life very much to the full.


Didn’t know him at all , just followed him a few months ago on twitter .He seemed a fairly outspoken guy and i agreed with what he was saying . What’s troubling about this is , you follow his time line & his last tweet was a song that really stuck with him .

Impossible to know what’s going through someone’s head . As i read earlier , success for some , doesn’t bring happiness .



Might give this a look tonight


Gutted to hear this.

One of my heros.


His book “Kitchen Confidential” is a good read. Also liked his tv show.


Wonderful article about a visit Bourdain made to the Gravediggers