RIP Thread


Bristow hits Treble 20,

Syd: Bristow browns…

Bristow hits a 2nd Treble 20,

Syd: Bristow seasons…

Bristow completes the 180…

Syd: Ahhhhj, Bristow!


You’ve got to admire him going out on a treble twenty

“Eric, you require oxygen”


Sad to hear about Eric, he did provide great entertainment.

Syd Waddell was fantastic.


Ah ■■■■!.. Eric Bristow? RIP Eric.


Very emotional watching this last night. He made the game what it is and why its great to watch now. Yes he p1ssed off a lot of people, but he called it how he saw it, we all know people like that. Thought he was very hard done by getting the sack from Sky for a comment he made. Although he was hard to understand at times whne he was commentating on matches!

RIP Eric you legend


Very sad this


Very sad indeed, Hockey is huge here in Sask it’s almost like a religion. This news started to filter through last night when we were at my own sons hockey game and people were devastated, although geographically a huge place Saskatchewan is not vastly populated and everyone knows each other especially in the hockey community.
My wife got a text yesterday about this and it turns out is friends with an Aunt of one of the kids on the bus, not sure if he was among the deceased yet.
Thoughts and prayers with all those affected.


Very sad. RIP.


Shocking news, far too young! May she Rest In Peace.


We need emoticons other than ‘like’ for tragic situations.


Good idea. I nearly pressed the “like” button.


Very sad news, lovely woman. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a Anam.


R Lee Ermey has passed away . What a performance in Full Metal Jacket


Brilliant performance.

The real deal.


Gunnery Sergeant Hartman: I bet you’re the kind of guy that would f**k a person in the ass and not even have the goddamn common courtesy to give him a reach-around. I’ll be watching you.

I admire your honestly Private Joker, why don’t you come around my house and f**k my sister.


Story goes he was brought in advise Kubrick on the drill sargeant role but did such a great job that they decided to cast him instead .


Ad libbed a lot of his lines too apparently


Big Tom


Years of mainlining took its toll.


I know there’ll be a national Bug Tom Love I’m on the airwaves, but am I alone in absolutely abhorring his music?