RIP Thread


ah bollocks.


Sad news :sweat:


He was also “The Gaffer” which for some reason I found very funny as a kid


RIP Ray.


Cracking goal


Sad. RIP Butch.


One of the all time great FA Cup final goals.
I believe after he ran off to celebrate his legs went and he could barely move afterwards in extra-time.
RIP Butch.


Butch :clap:


He played for Chelsea, Rangers and England. That’s enough ammo for people on here to dislike him. Yet he wasn’t disliked. Seems to have been a real gent.
Shafted by Abramovic and the Chelsea board in the season after he helped (as 1st team coach) Ancellotti win a domestic double for Chelsea with a very attacking and attractive team.

RIP, Ray.


If he had played for mayo he be getting slaughtered mind you.


He played for QPR, that saved him. :slightly_smiling_face:

Seriously though, by ll accounts I’ve heard, a class man, player, and coach.


Eric Bristow

Last tweet was only a couple of hours ago


Ah God. Very sad.



What?.. no no no…


Grew up watching him play on BBC. Legend who will be sadly missed. Hope he takes it easy on my dad up in heaven on the dart board.


Great player. Great entertainer.


Great personality but stuff I watched about him made him a very unsavoury person.



Nah, that was Eric bisto…


Watching darts on Sky. Lot of people devastated. Weird stuff. Lads trying to finish a game with tears in their eyes.