RIP Thread


I’ll set it up sure :wink:



Ken Dodd RIP


Ah … at last the old gag comes to pass …

‘Ken Dodd died today.’

‘Did he?’

‘No, Doddy.’


That is really sad about the KotF …

KERRY 0-11



Stephen Hawking RIP


Wow, fairwell to a truly great person.


Only 76. I thought he would be around forever! He might be back though, once he explains a bit of physics to God!!


Author of one of the best books I ever read “A brief history of time” One of the best minds to ever live.


DId he die laughing at trump’s space force suggestion? Apparently they’re spending a lot of money in space. :roll_eyes:


Has anyone played the part of himself or herself in fiction more than Stephen Hawking?

I can think of The Simpsons, The Big Bang Theory and Family Guy… Possibly more?



When asked about the greatest mystery he ever encountered, he replied “women”! Brilliant in every way. Nearly as big a genius as Diarmuid. Nearly.



RIP. He was great in the Simpsons. “Your theory of a donut shaped universe is intriguing, Homer. I may have to steal it.”


The sketch they done on Little Britain for Comic Relief was brilliant


Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.


Was a lot of his stuff not just guesswork though to be fair…


Liam O’Flynn gone.

Pox of a day.


Jim Bowen gone as well

“Can’t beat a bit of bully”


BFH lad … BFH.