RIP Thread


I doubt Charles Manson will be getting a mention in here appropriate to the thread’s title?


Very fickle small minded comment supporting the immigration bandwagon. Comparing the horrific battle against the nazis with the struggle for balanced migration is cheerleading liberalism without any meaningful context.


Jana Novotna, only 49.


Christ, the dreaded C strikes again

Was great to see her finally take a Wimbledon title in 1998 after her meltdown v Steffi Graf in the 1993 final.


Rodney Bewes of Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads passed away .

Way way before I was even born but when I was older I really enjoyed it on UK Gold .



Whatever happened to him?


That’s just very sad. She had great guts. Cancer is terrifying.


Yeh right! :smirk:

Great show. And they both went on to some other good stuff, especially the other guy. And I don’t include “When the Boot Comes In” :expressionless:


David Cassidy star of the Partridge family.


Ah that’s sad, I was a real fan of that show. Fancied his wife on it lol


I think it was his mother …


Did David Cassidy marry his mother?


Your head would be freud with that sort of carry-on.


The actress who played his mother , Shirley Jones , was married to David Cassidy’s father ,jack Cassidy …So she was David Cassidy’s real step mother.
Grew up watching the partridge family back in the 70s
May he RIP.


No, no no…

not the partidghe family. whatever happened to the likely lads - Bob’s Wife Thelma (a very 70’s name lol)


Ah poor Maggie Riordan aka Biddy White Lennon


Blast from childhood!


Christine Keeler RIP.

She was no Arlene …


Glasnevin’s heritage RIP. Even Dub09 is now a right wing, hard nosed black bigoted toad! :slight_smile:


Cheggers gone to the great big Swap Shop in the sky - RIP!

He’s starting to take them off the shelf just above mine now …