RIP Thread



Phil Collins really tempting fate with his tour title …


God, when will this year bloody well end?

George Michael, RIP.


Here 2016 ■■■■ off at this stage. Plenty of useless ■■■■ wits ye could take instead


Agree. How come politicians seem to have a high survival rate? RIP Rick Parfitt and George Michael.


2016 list is incredible- no more please


2015 departed list wasn’t far behind. Epidemic couple of years for stars of music, film, tv etc


■■■■ off 2016. RIP Carrie, never will be a princess like ya. Also brilliant in blues brothers.


2016 you fucking prick.


Princess Leia is gone?

Jesus Fcuking Christ !


Carrie Fisher now too … famous people dropping every day.

Jaysus hope I can make it to 2017!


I think z list stars, self proclaimed satirical writers and Internet whores are schedule for around the month of August for the grim reaper (and im not slagging of Mayo here) so plenty of time for dub09 to get the shopping done.


I’m neither a fan of George Michael or the whole Star Wars franchise… I feel like I’m missing out.


Anthony Cronin. Dead as the proverbial.


Dead as Doornails is a great read - all about Brennan Behan, Paddy Kavanagh, Flann O’Brien and Conin himself in Dublin back in the 50s and 60s.


:laughing: I’ll grieve for both of us so


RIP Debbie Reynolds.

Died just a day after her daughter.

Christ !


Looks like I’m gonna make it JJF! Til August anyway …

Happy New Year all!!


David Gilmour and wife with a fairly black sense of humour :smiley:


You will chief you will. Happy New Year!