RIP Thread


Ah no. Poor day for music lovers.


Still alive apparently but only just


Similar to the Tony Keady situation unfortunately


Terrible news , was / is a huge fan.


A genuine legend.


His death has been confirmed, sadly. RIP, Tom.


Rip tom. Great musician.


That’s a real shame. RIP Tom, that’s 3 of the Traveling Wilburys gone now


And the youngest one, too. I wonder if Dylan thought he’d outlive Petty and Harrison?


Former Taoiseach Liam Cosgrave


Good old innings all the same at 97


RIP - Last of the older statesmen types. Compare to Trump … :flushed:


Last direct link with the founding of the State.

This year was the first time he had missed the AI finals since the early 1930s


I think he preferred the horses. He had a great old fashioned Dublin accent. He was very conservative and took a strong stance against the IRA during the worst years of the troubles.


Jaysus, you ok.


Sean Hughes RIP

Only 51


Very young.



Shocked about Hughes. RIP, seen his shows number of times.


Jaysus. Was only reading Steve Coogans auto biog last week where he talks about him. Very sad. He grew up in Dublin didn’t he?


RIP Sean. way to young.


No mention of illness?

Also see that Sky sports NFL presenter Kevin Cadle passed away too.