RIP Thread


Haven’t watched Corrie in years but Vera and Jack were two great characters.

RIP Liz.

Tony Booth from Till Death Do Us Part (and also Tony Blair’s father-in-law) has also died.


that was some show. tony booth was a lifelong real socialist (i know who his daughter is lol) and so that show was right up his street. Till Death us do Part and In Sickness and in Health provoked so many people into adopting views totally against Alf Garnet and who he represented. Booth’s character spoke for the millions of young fist waving people angered by Garnett, which was exactly what Johnny Spreight (the writer) wanted.

you literally couldnt do that show today, so many people wouldnt understand the message and it would be off the air in a month, it was literally what satire is about.


An outspoken critic of his son-in-law’s policies.


I get that too …


The ironic thing is Warren Mitchell aka Alf Garnett held the same views as Tony Booth as well in real life and his charcacter was a parody of those racist types


As did the writer. The whole show was agitation, it’s amazing how the new wave comedians never seemed to realise how their worldview may have been formed and yet they campaigned in the eighties for it to be taken off the air…


Hugh Hefner gone at 91. The man who proved women would ride anything for a sniff of fame


Normally at times like this you would say they’re gone to a better place. But in his case probably not…


Reports state that the undertaker is having difficulties closing the casket lid due to Hughs medication…


Liked the Sun headline: Surrounded by his loved ones…

I’d post a link, but you’d probably be distracted with vowels and consonants :grinning:


Getting buried next to Marilyn Monroe .He nearly ruined her career by buying dodgy pictures of her & putting them in the first issue of Playboy .


Wouldn’t say it’s the first time he will be buried up to his neck in muck beside Monroe… But that’s for another day!


Apparently he never met her !


Don’t ever let facts get in the way of a story!


I’m changing my aftershave to “fame”…


Tom Petty RIP


Legend RIP


Jesus. The big C? Great man. So young still


Heart Attack


Always thought he was older than 66. Unique artist