RIP Thread


This is brilliant


He had a good old innings. He was always complimentary to Dublin GAA too.
He also raised a lot of money for charity over the years with his Jimmy McGee’s All-Stars games.
RIP Jimmy.


Des Cahill sounded absolutely heartbroken on Morning Ireland. Very close colleagues and friends obviously


Jimmy did commentary for Sunday Game 1995 final.
One line I have never forgotten.,
“Charlie Redmond, fireman by day, & sometimes at night”


Some great quotes

, “Jean Tigana spent the entire first half inside Liam brady’s shorts”

“Ardiles strokes the ball like it’s part of his anatomy”



different class, different class


And at the opening ceremony of the 1982 World Cup - “the symbol of peace - the pigeon!”


I never really understood the comparisons with Micheal O’Hehir or O’Muirecheartaigh, who I feel were miles ahead of him. His refusal to condemn drug cheats always left a bitter taste for me too. He was hugely respected and with that came the power to condemn the wrongdoers but for some reason he didn’t.

May he rest in peace.


88 Olympics was it not


No, it was definitely LA in 1984. Carlos Lopez won gold, and Treacy beat Charlie Spedding for silver. As Treacy entered the home straight, Jimmy listed off all of the previous Irish Olympic medallists, and just as he crossed the finish line, with perfect timing (as always), Jimmy added John Treacy to the list. I think it was Ireland’s only medal at those games (we didn’t win anything in Seoul 1988)


i can see alan’s point on the drugs, but that opens a whole can of worms when it comes to irish success in cycling, so best not today.

on that point - jimmy had a great way of commentating which reminded me of the great american sports commentators. back then RTE used to show the Tour de France live every day Jimmy was often the comm. One day Sean Kelly was powering the peloton in pursuit of some lads up the road. Jimmy was a great man at not speaking unless it was needed. As the camera focused on kelly pulling the peloton at great speed, it lingered for a few seconds and jimmy said “THIS is the Tour De France!” and nothing else.
Said it all. Different class, all right.


Agree with the comments that at times the less said the greater the impact. Jimmy was very good at this. Commentators today could learn a thing from him.
His timing reeling off the medal winners when Treacy won silver in 84 is superb. RIP Jimmy.


Jake Lamotta


Given Jimmy Magee’s love for boxing, that is kind of eerie that Jake Le Motta passes away the same day.

RIP to the both of them.


Lovely, lovely man. Met him a lot in work over the past year. The very definition of a people person. Absolutley loved it when total strangers came up to him, just to shoot the breeze about anything. And no matter how small or trivial the sport, or the event, or the club, or the player they wanted to talk to him about, he was always able to connect with people and, find something in common with them. They just loved that. It wasn’t always people wanting to talk to him watching Maradona in Mexico in '86, or Katie Taylor in London. He was just as willing (and able) to talk to you about the Longford Junior U16 Athletics championship you won in 1981, as he probably knew what your coachs name was, his athletic pedigree and what your whole team had for breakfast that morning.


Nice memories.

He gave the eulogy at a neighbours funeral many years ago, as he worked with him in RTE at the time. He was genuinely heartbroken for the family and he expressed it in a way that I’ll never forget , and I was just a pup of a teen then, but it stuck with me. I met him several years later and during the course of the conversation, I mentioned the eulogy. He nearly verbatim said the lines from it again. I was struck by that. He was a very caring and sports mad man! He will be missed, RIP Jimmy.


Farewell Memory Man. Didn’t he do commentary on the 77 All-I final?


Remember Jimmys commentary on McGuigan Pedrosa fight. Amazing man. RTEs greatest.
Shame he so steadfastly supported Michelle Smith.
Rest easy memory man.


Liz Dawn known as Vera Duckworth from Coronation Street . RIP


ah, god love her. thought she died years ago.

rita and ken clinging on, sucking the lifeforce from their fellow cast members.