RIP Thread


No, granted, but nuclear missile wars tend to effect more than just the locality my friend!


That’s what I’m saying …

As long as they leave it til Monday … unless the unthinkable happens … :open_mouth:


That’ll be Roch y’s fault as well.


im saying nothing


Harry Dean Stanton , actor, ( Godfather 2, Cool Hand Luke, Pretty in Pink, Paris Texas and a lot more ) RIP


Balls :disappointed_relieved:, he looked fairly old in Twin Peaks the return tbf . First time I remember him in anything was Kellys Hero’s .Always had a weird , kind of spaced out way about him .
He was 53 years old in Alien from 1979 :astonished:.


His cameo in Seven Psychopaths as the Quaker still freaks me out


Just reading now of the passing of Trent Latham in Pats. What a great GAA man and Gael he was. Deepest sympathies to all his club mates and his family. Only met him a few times, but struck a chord with me. IIRC he has a few young kids. May he rest in peace from all in the Mun.


A very young age too?


Yes 42 I think. Funeral this morning. Terrible.


He was great in red dawn one of those movies from the 80’s that’s forgotten.


Jimmy Magee - Memory Man. RIP


Legend absolute legend. His description of Maradonna’s 2nd goal against England in 86 is superb

RIP Jimmy


RIP Jimmy. Different class, different class! As well as his commentary on Maradona’s goal, I’ll always remember his commentary as John Treacy entered the finishing straight of the 1984 Olympic marathon in LA.


A proper legend from a different era of broadcasting, had a genuine love of sport, none of the sneering faint praise of the modern hacks. His commentary’s painted a picture of the action and brought the joy of sport listener.

May he RIP


RIP Jimmy


Rip Jimmy.


Rip Jimmy


RIP Jimmy , agree with the ‘different class’ commentary ,didn’t over elaborate what he saw …


A national treasure like the two Mícheáls

RIP Memory Man