RIP Thread


Nice to grieve him, to grieve him, nice!


Reeling in the Years 2017 will be poignant.


Sad loss. Loved SD. And I’m not a hash head!




Steely Dan, class band. RIP Walter.


Heard Steely Dan described in the aftermath of Becker’s death as having a West Coast sound to their music. I’d have always they sounded very NYC 70’s. But what would I know?


Good point. You should use that as your signature …


And I wouldn’t be alone there. Or would I?


Former RTE newsreader Don Cockburn


Ah poor Don! Was at an uncle’s funeral in Mt Merrion 6 years ago and he was there. One of those enduring Irish characters - may he RIP!


he was in his element during the hottest parts of the cold war, pronouncing all those middle eastern and latin American guerilla movements!


forgot to mention richard anderson.

as a kid watching the 6 million dollar man he was sort of like a father figure, and you were steve austin. american tv shows on those old colour tv sets (with valves!!) always looked more colourfull and amazing than anything else, and Oscar Goldman, with the 70’s style suits and the tan, was always a favourite TVcharacter, and it was his voice in the famous opening credits.

He could rebuild him.
He had the Technology.
He created the worlds first bionc man.


surprised that hardly anyone realised that the 6 million dollar man theme is alsmost idential to the origial Emmerdale Farm theme


Frank Vincent aka Billy Batts

“Now go home and get your fucking shine box”


Great actor brilliant in the Sopranos. RIP.


… and Permanent TSB ads from around 15-16 years ago, too?
Great actor.


RIP humanity. Nth Korea doing their level best to ensure it anyway!

Hug your loved ones tight!


Calm down Rochey - it’s not North Kildare …


Crazy shit from the little fat fella. Asking for his country to be a geographical expression.


is this kim or davy?