RIP Thread


Listening to a piece now on OTB with Pete Finnerty & Brendan Lynsky.Not a hurling man myself , had never heard of him but a really nice tribute here .


Finnerty and Lynsky are all but brothers to him, I’d imagine.


Two lads close to tears at the end of it :sweat:


Bruce forsyth RIP.


How old was he?




Higher higher.


He’ll be missed. Born in the USA was a great album.


Caught end of 9oc news or part of it - saw the bit about Bruce Forsyth and who did RTE interview - Nicky Byrne … big in RTE . Had the eldest and few of his mates in back of car last week , and none of them could name any 2FM dj’s - let alone have any interest in the station . Sad to see Bruce go. RIP.


Ah jaysus @dubincork even they must know Jimmy Rabbitte’s dog?! He’s still there!


I reckon there’ll be a surge of Jimmy Saville-esque allegations against him now.


Unfortunately you may be right. Dead men can’t sue!


Ah no - don’t think that’ll be the case - different creatures imo. You would have heard whispers etc long before now.


RIP Bruce, such a talented man, and a great entertainer. Life, is the name of the game…


RIP Jerry Lewis.

Brilliant in The King of Comedy.


Willie Duggan , former Leinster and Ireland player , aged 67 , RIP.


Jeeze that’s young. Horse of a man - bit like Moss. Both taken too early. RIP.


Probably not too far from the truth


Walter Becker.

I’m a big Steely Dan fan :wink:


That’s shocking. I was reading about them an hour ago. They were to play in Dublin soon.