RIP Thread


I haven’t gone away you know. Just mentally busy at the moment. Give it a couple of months and I intend to be back here pissing my input all over topics aplenty.


And film reviews? Better change that tile before Kildare win a Leinster


I said a couple of months, not millennia.


You taking the miss? :slight_smile:


Sam Shepard , aged 73. Playwright , author and actor . RIP.
Loved him in the Right Stuff , film of Tom Woulfes book, and he had parts in more recent films like Cold in July . Some career.




Glen Campbell


One of the all-time greats. RIP.


Loved his soup …




The Witchita Linesman :guitar:


Rhinestone Cowboy always brings me back to the 70’s as a child on holiday in the west. RTE radio always played it. Its amazing the memories that flash back when you hear a certain tune. Another victim to Alzheimers. RIP


If people are upset at the passing of Glen Campbell this evening, they should see Paul Pogba’s…



Ex-Galway hurler Tony Keady has passed away aged 53


Jesus. That’s young. Forever to me known for getting caught doing something that a lot were doing and missing an AI semi final in 1989 because of it. Galway haven’t won an AI since


One of the finest exponents of the art. RIP Tony, genuine class act. Only heard yesterday that he was ill. Galway with emotion now too added to their armoury.


Jesus that’s woeful - RIP. Just watched him on re-run of 1990 Final an hour ago.


Some reports saying he hasn’t passed on


Very sad and messy