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RIP Little Man

Defoe deserves an enormous amount of respect in an era where footballers have a bad reputation. He genuinely loved little Bradley. That press conference from him yesterday was heartbreaking as he obviously knew it was only a matter of hours. Would love to see Defoe recognised for this in some shape or form.


Heartbreaking stuff. Defoe should be proud of himself for the happiness he brought to Bradley during his short life. Im sure it gave Bradleys family some respite to see him smile in the company of his hero. RIP little man


Defoe :clap::clap::clap:


Class. Rip little man


Go gently on your way little man. RIP.


Linkin Park front man Chester Bennington died of apparent suicide aged 41. Happened on the same day as his late friend Chris Cornell’s birthday. Leaves behind a wife and 6 kids.

Mental health again being a scourge. Although the song I attached was released around 9 years ago the lyrics associated with it may have shown some issues? Or maybe I am putting 2 + 2 together and getting 5 but it was the first thing I thought of when I read the news last night



Loved their first album .Left behind a rake of kids .
Money , success , etc are not the recipes for a perfect life for some . Heard he had issues from his childhood , abuse .


John Heard RIP. Great in the sopranos.


This one has me head wrecked. He sang at Cornell’s funeral! He did an interview not so long ago talking about how he cant be left alone with his thoughts or else he nose dives dramatically into depression, that once he is active he is fine, but in his own head is a bad place to be. Very sad


I wonder was anyone paying heed to what he was saying, how he was, etc and acting upon it or was he literally being left alone to die?

I read that his son died about 6 months ago and it seems like he wasn’t coping to well either.


Who was John Heard in Gladiator? I can’t place him at all.


I don’t think he was in it at all.


Seen and not Heard perhaps?


Different Gladiator film from 1992 according to Wiki


Only really remember him from Home Alone and the sleazy cop in Sopranos. He played that brilliantly.


You mean to say you have never seen the classic Sharknado?


Simply waiting for Uroy to put it on his top fifty movies to watch before Kildare win an all Ireland.


@Uroy… He’s been very quiet lately. His valuable input is being pissed on a lot of topics, in my opinion.


I was actually thinking myself as to where Uroy is.


RIP Microsoft Paint. The days of crude drawings and offensive speech bubbles are over.