Rio Olympics


Aye B right on cue - but just saying that performance was better with less funding.

Never seems to work here though …


PH being formally charged with forming a cabal cartel.

Is Bart Pat Hickey?

Is his absence coinciding with the Olympics a coincidence?


Could they peak in August???



Mayo …


Do you have any links to those @ProudDub - would be very interested to read them, as i suspected it might be the case, watching a sport for 15 minutes every 4 years hardly inspires a raft of people to try that sport. I mean seriously, who enjoys the long jump.

Would be worth sending to RTÉ, they seem obsessed with someone winning something meaning that that sport is going to take off.


I read the Sunday Times from cover to cover every week. They have written a lot of articles on the legacy of the London games. They have often quoted studies done by various universities, government & sporting bodies about participation rates in various sports & in general. Can’t quote you a specific one. Sowwy.


It’s hard to peak in a pool, much easier to leak. Maybe the Brits are pocketing more for all sports through the financial spin-offs of the Olympic success?


I take your point Al. Maybe I should just chalk it down to yet another thing you are an expert in. But do the Brits really have more dosh in their pockets, from additional hordes going to watch the ladies downhill luge and the pole vaulting? From my angle of reflection, I doubt it.


I wouldn’t know anything about ladies’ downhill lugeing. I presume it’s something that occurs when you’re in amongst the balls?


Jesus, if you threw any balls in here, you’d be rightly snookered.


I think it’s about time to bring darts into the olympics


Trying to find footage of that fight. Doesnt see mto be on youtube :-/


Stop it, you’ll have Blue breaking out of his cage again!

Have to say, those cushions are very tight for such a fast table.


From what i recall the UK had a bad time of it in the late 90’s early 00’s and with an obsession to get the olympics for london they pumped millions of lottery funding into high performance in order to not make a fool of themselves at their home games. As for the bikes, you only have to look at the money sky have put into it, there was an interiew last night on the BBC with their BMX guy, he was wearing a sky BMX team shirt. They wouldnt be doing it if it wasnt for mass participation. Its the same here to an extent, you get 15k doing the ring of kerry - there is a dublin version in a few weeks, and loads of bikers around - look at how many people are using the bike to work scheme to get high end road racing bikes.

From a general sporting perspective I would say that the biking boom is a measure of the success of the GBR bikes teams so you can say it’s worked overall.

Maybe there isnt as much of a visible uptake in other sports but it’s hard to know. We often say that our footballers success will inspire the underage kids to an all ireland in 10/15 years, but you cant test that till it happens.


The UK has just announced a big plan to tackle obesity in schoolchildren. If getting people (especially the young) involved in sports activities helps as part of this, the financial investment will have something paid back by having a healthier population in years to come.

I saw boy of about 8 years old the other day in a supermarket with, I assume, his parents. His parents were vastly overweight. The kid himself walked with difficulty, due to his size. He had a crease of skin/fat between the bottom of his neck and top of his back. And the utter shite that was in their shopping trolley was disgusting. It’s criminal, if you ask me. Child neglect.


Jamie Oliver has done a huge amount to try to get people to address that sort of issue


i havent got a breeze about these things - i have three kids, the two boys eat virtually the same food, one hasnt a pick on him and does no sports at the moment the other is overweight but does tae kwando twice a week (there is only a year bewteen them and they have always been like this) and the heavier lad eats no sweets and hates chocolate and doesnt eat crap either. Daughter is going his way too - but my wifes side of the family have three men, two overweight one skinny…

im skinny(ish) now but i had a fat elvis period and through exercise i’ve lost loads of weight… and i never eat a lot of crap either in my 30’s but when i was in my teens and 20’s ate nothing but crap and was 9 stone for most of the time. In my mid 20’s i worked with a girl who was on WW… we compaired what we ate, I would consume more points on a Friday than she did all week and she was fairly fat, I was a rake…

like i said, i cant figure these things out.


was very funny watching one of his shows, when he showed a classroom full of children whats in a McNugget. They were all grossed out. At the end of the demo he said “so who wants a Chicken McNugget” and they all threw their hands up “ME!!!”. Asking children in the US what animal or plant foods come from was scary. Really cooking should be mandatory in schools.


I think there is a case for subsidising healthy, non-processed foods whilst introducing duties on foods with excessive amounts of added sugar and/or salt.

Anyway, I wonder what our championed, Olympian’s (Pat Quigley) diet is like since at the first hint of trouble in his camp, he complains of chest pains? Fu*ker was hiding in his son’s bedroom when the Brazilian Gardai came-a-calling. I wonder who paid for his son’s flights and accommodation? And why was there a need for Shane Ross to be there? No doubt, he travelled first/business class and stayed in a top notch hotel.


To be fair to Shane Ross, he wasn’t going to bother his hole going out until he was badgered into it by FF.