Rio Olympics


Katie gone. Bawlocks to that anyway.


Don’t think she lost that fight tbh. She definitely won the last two rounds … but they didn’t give the last to her …


Ah shite - will be driving down to west cork then. will have to tune in on the wireless.


News night reporting that the Brits are spending about £5 million per medal … Jaysus. Over £278 million spent on their team for Rio,

Also what is it with RTE and constantly going on about ‘raising the profile of the sport in Ireland’ … They’re even going on about badminton this evening, apparently some Irish guy did okay. As if a flash in the pan has any lasting effect.



Hey we could be world beaters in badminton in 20 years thanks to this guy :joy:


Nah we’ll all be rowing/playing rugby 7s according to rte


How was Cavendish not penalised or thrown out after casing that crash in the points race?
The points race and the elimination race in the omnium cycling event are very entertaining.


All the UK money is from their National Lottery, is it not?


Think so yea, still a lot of lolly per medal.


The badminton lad, Scott Evans, was decent enough, but the lad who bet him yesterday was way better than him. I actually watched his matches, which I would never have done before, its a very highly skilled sport


The worst decision I think I’ve ever seen. Conlan interview spot on as well.


Michael Conlan: “They are cheating bastards and I don’t give a ■■■■ cursing on TV…Amateur boxing stinks from the core to the top…I thought I boxed the head off him in the first round…but when I heard I was down I had to go to his fight…They are all corrupt…”


The Olympics has been corrupt to its core for decades. I find it hard to understand why people still bother with it.


Katie was also robbed IMO. She clearly won the third and yet one went against her - that would have won her the fight.

Disgusted but could feel it would happen. No more boxing for me …

This guy called it right …


Disgraceful decision. Never lost that fight.


Did he give the judges the finger? Imagine 4 years of your life to be decided by a dodgy decisions.


Hon annalise!


Have decided to watch no more of the olympics after that horrendous decision in the boxing. A similar decision was given in the heavyweight bout again to a Russian


That heavyweight fight was one of the worst decisions I’ve ever seen. Worse than Conlon’s even.