Rio Olympics


So, what you’re saying is that I actually said it without saying the actual words?


You words, :innocent:


Female rowers finished 6th in their final.
Did very well to make the final & can be proud of their achievement.


O’Donovan brothers take Silver :clap: :clap: :clap:


Great race for the O’Donovan brothers. And in fairness, none of us would have known they were medal contenders before this week. And they mightn’t have even been considered medal contenders, but well worth whatever funding was put into rowing.


Suppose we sent too many rowers as well @beeko? :wink:


Sounds like you wanna row! :wink:

Fair play to them. Great achievement.


Everyone in Skib will be out of their sculls tonight!! Just got home there and every kid in the place is out on the green rowing.

If you didn’t see the post race interview make sure you do - class.

Delighted for the two lads - that’s what the Olympics should be all about.


Why did they have to be from Cork !!! Do they have any Dub connections?


I cant stand all the positivity in that post.

Great stuff by the young Donovans,seem like super lads too,that pre-final interview was classic, boy. They will Shirley get better in coming years. I hear they started out rowing because they were in school in Schull and thought everyone had to do “schulling”


On a more downbeat note, disappointing to see the media hounding young O’Reilly on his return home to Mountrath yesterday & those morons in the Bindo printing a photo of him at his front door.

The lad made a stupid foolish mistake and should be left to get on with it


Seem like nice lads but RTÉ are a bit cringe inducing with the milking it of the two boys from skib.


How is it that Britain does so well at cycling, particularly track cycling? Is there a velodrome in Ireland?


They spend a pissing fortune on the bike tech!


We have only got a palindrome … in Navan …


Nope not an indoor one anyway.

Outdoor one over in Sundrive, Crumlin


Without knocking the achievements of the likes of Wiggins and Hoy, is there much technique involved in track cycling? Seems to me to be mostly about power and some tactical awareness. Is there any/much difference between one track bike and the next?


The bikes used to be different, so countries who spent on R&D (uk) would have a big advantage. Not sure whether that’s still the case.


What time is the sailing on? Katie Taylor’s fights is at 3 where a win means bronze at least.


@Tayto sailing at 5pm this evening AFAIK