Rio Olympics




Brazil in serious danger of not getting out of their group , drew their first 2 games with south Africa and Iraq both 0-0 .Have to beat Denmark in last game to get through.


7s rugby is a bit shit isn’t it.


Poor second to beach volleyball


Couple of half decent lookers on that Aussie team alright. When’s the field hockey start?


Wimmins team that is.


Clive Woodward commentating on the Women’s 7’s final - “That try came directly from the extra man on the field”


There are some interesting photos of the Argentina ladies hockey team floating around for those interested…


Full effect of losing Billy Walsh coming home to roost now in a big big way …:frowning:


Sure looks that way, they should have given the man sun moon and stars!


Paddy Barnes doesn’t seem to think so, but John Joe Nevin does!!!


We won’t pay these top people what they deserve yet others with far less ability get fortunes for heading up often inept organisations. Typically Irish …


Even is he did I doubt he’d say it during the Boxing tournament. Paddy still is the captain of the boxing team and it would be wrong of him to criticize the set-up right now. There are boxers still to throw their 1st punch and the last thing they need is the distraction a public discussion on the Billy Walsh matter would bring.

There’s plenty of time for that post-Rio and it should be left until then.


It’s obvious that Billy Walsh’s departure has been a massive loss but it’s not the sole reason the boxers aren’t going as well as some expected either.

Paddy Barnes was never going to be a medal hope when he was struggling to make the weight and hasn’t made that weight in two years.

Joe Ward got into a scrap instead of staying out and picking off his punches from long range.

David Oliver Joyce got beaten by Selimov who’s World number 2 and wasn’t expected to beat him.

Still two real hopes in Katie and Conlon for medals


Ward looked shattered as did Barnes. You just wonder would Walsh have done something about these weight issues. And Ward would never have got in a scrap with Walsh in the corner. Hernandez was heading the same way til BW got him in the corner and changed tactics. That’s what we miss.

Drug issue has obviously had an impact. Again would that have happened with BW still there? We’ll never know.

Conditioning, discipline, morale … Don’t seem to be at the level they were.


Too much funding given also to people who are nowhere near genuine medal hopes. The Olympics have long since left behind the Corinthian Spirit. Are we really ever going to win a medal at swimming in the next 12-16 years? Yet we seem to send a disproportionate number of swimmers.

GB won a load of medals when hosting in 2012. Yet they failed to win a gold in swimming and their swimming team generally under-performed. They reduced the funding to swimming as a result. Maybe with less funding, they were able to concentrate on fewer, more elite swimmers as they have gold from swimming and a few other medals too this time around.


Tthe brits spent 450 million sterling on their team int he 4 years previous to 2012. probably dwarfed by what the americans and chinese spend. crazy money.


Barnes hasn’t made that weight in two years, even when he qualified 16 months ago they got fined as he didn’t make the weight in that competition. He was dehydrated making the weight this week and was sick at the weigh in because he was so dehydrated and had no energy.

As for the drug issues he’s had disciplinary issues before when Billy Walsh was there. As I say Walsh is missed but he’s not the sole reason they haven’t performed as good as people thought they would.


No not saying he is sole reason but think it is a fairly large factor. I hope Katie and MC can steady the ship or maybe the other two lads.


We sent 3 swimmers?