Rio Olympics


No endorsements ? C’mon

put 1m quid into the pot and they’d play.



They’d get plenty of attention doing well at the Olympic games - more so than in The Ryder Cup. It’s the scheduling. Most players declining hardly need the cash available elsewhere around that time. I’d understand a player fighting to hold onto his Tour Card declining rather than the World Elite, if it was mainly due to money.


Zika chasing Rory down :wink:


They Zika him here, they Zika him there …


Watched him last night and it looked like his short game had caught Zika!!


You would think that he would know the format of the competition!!!


We have an ‘Irish’ pole vaulter called Tori Peña that is certainly worth a google.
She even has a one or two youtube videos dedicated to her talent.

I won’t degrade this thread with pole vault innuendo…


RTE reporting that one of our boxers may have failed a drug test before leaving for Rio!!!


If there’s a gold medal for not clearing the bar she’s a dead cert…


And a recreational drug at that as opposed to a performance enhancing drug. What a Dope!!


Apparently he tweeted this four hours ago. Is he on … !!!


Well, stupid and all as that would be if he is found guilty, at least it removes any suspicion of systematic, performance-enhancing drug use by the rest of the Irish Boxing team. But yes, an idiot.


Now being reported as it being a performance enhancing drug. Will have to wait and see. B sample to be tested but it appears that the results never change between A and B samples.


in a strange kind of way, at least that makes sense, being caught for recreational drug use at this stage would be beyond stupid.


Anyone got the schedule for the Irish boxers?


Try this, it seems fairly comprehensive …


Thanks for that.


What alias does Falcon go by now?


Paddy Barnes loses. :frowning:


No way… Shite!