Rio Olympics


Yep… no shaving, apparently.


Daylight s_h_aving?


What? No Brazilians?


So I haired.


You’d need to be razor sharp around here. The puns will be IMMACulate!


Hard to veet, all right. Depends on which treads you are brows-ing, also.


Wow … Surprised that’s pubic knowledge


hair raising stuff.


You’ve got to take the muff with the smooth.


A lot of geeological analysis done to produce the results!


oh actually, fans of Bitter from Brazil may wish to check out the total hiding he got from Oliver Holt over the weekend on the twitter (not that i think much of Holt either)… this is olympics related so its not o/t.


Eye think the best approach at Olympic cycling is just to give it a lash


I’ve never believed in Team Sky’s team leader’s ability to be able to cycle at the same speeds as Armstrong up mountains


Just heard that Hickey is sharing a cell with a big Brazilian called Gwenda.
Gwenda told Pat he has to play mammys and Daddy’s.
Problem is Gwenda is a 6 foot 4 Afro-American male and in the game Pat has to be the mammy .


Did Gwenda say “I am going to Bangu” to Pat?


As the world leaders in sports science, the dublin footballers are set to follow suit. Reports are coming in form the Kiingdon that James O’Donoghue has been provided with specialist training in case Philly McMahons massive muff escapes from the side of his shorts in mid air whilst contesting for the ball. Soft Spoken “Gentleman” Jim Gavin is rumoured to belive that this could be the Dub’s version of the famous manly Tyrone beards.




just seen this… and we thought we got it bad in the olympic boxing!!!


John Terry is keeping busy.


€1.5m legal costs and rising … some things never change …