Rio Olympics


Dreadfully sad news in that everyone’s favourite team were dumped out by team GB on penalties yesterday. Let’s take a moments silence for the Dutch ladies hockey team…


A sad day indeed.They may as well close it up at this stage, nothing left worth watching.


Yis wouldn’t have a chance lads …


@Dub09 this goes back a long long way in the annals of ReservoirDubs


:+1: sooooooo glad to not see a typo there dcr …


My sock does


@Dub09 spellchecker is a lifesaver


Couldn’t be arsed, meself.

Anyway, a point maybe worth noting, much as it pains me, Britain has won gold in 15 sports this time around as against 9 sports for the USA.


Best of luck to Mo … emulate Lassi Viren … :scream:

Our Brazilian man not a fan … fighting on twitter with Mo people, Pinsent, T Barr and basically everybody … what a guy …


I agree. Mo Farah I believe personally will be outed in 5-10 years time when the testing improves again and his historical samples are re-tested. He has a history of missed drug tests and he would be the ONLY member of his training group in the USA that has never been popped for PED’s.

I love to believe in exceptions but this smacks of the Armstrong case all over again. When something walks like duck, quacks like duck - it’s usually a duck.

I can just about believe Bolt because he’s been a genetic freak like Phelps since he was 15. However his country have an appalling record of testing athetes and if you look at a chart of the 15 fastest 100 metre times of history by different individuals - Bolt is the only one who has never been popped for PED’s

So it will be interesting to see over the coming years . As Rio has been a shambles of an Olympics from top to bottom in terms of samples not being tested and still not yet tested.


Brazilian police seek to seize John Delaney’s passport!!!

And some people think there isn’t a God …


My thoughts exactly, hope there’s room in Pat’s cell for him!


He’s at home apparently. Unfortunately.


He obviously knew it was coming. Would love to know if he brought forward his departure


Will make a change… Brazilian authorities seeking an extradition INTO Brazil.


Jaysus, I’m getting worried now, I got into the terrace in Frankfurt with a stand ticket a few times. Still, German prison might not be the wuerst.


wow, a delaney involved in a ticket scandal… who’d ahve thunk it?



Do you think there could be ramifications for the extraordinary performances for GB’s track cyclists with their historical samples?


Tom Hennigan’s piece in the IT on Saturday gives a thorough insight into the background to the charges laid.

And you have to admire the organisation, and the incestuous nature of Irish boardrooms - Hickey had Delaney lined up to take over the hotseat two elections from now.


i doubt it, they just seem very professionally ready in a way that other counties arent. of course this is a delicate issue for a Dublin GAA supporter to wander into - it can be said that the UK have simply invested a lot more money than anyone else in their team. Apparently they even had a pubic hair strategy for the ladies :grinning: