Rio Olympics


Strikes me as the type that takes the opposing view just to get attention, never really that convinced he really believes what he’s saying. Trying too hard to keep himself relevant.


So, overall, a bad choice of host city.


Well maybe but I think the IOC were a bit unlucky also. When Brazil was chosen it was one of the so called BRIC ecomomies.

The economy was growing strongly on the back of the Chinese commodites boom and an emerging middle class was emerging that the IOC saw as the target for ticket sales.

Since then the economy has crashed, the President is undergoing impeachment proceedings, the Petrobras “Lava Jato” scandal has dominated the news, the Zika virus has made global headlines, the Russian doping scandal has broken and there have been numerous scare stories about security !

I think the IOC will be very glad to move to the far less volatile market of Tokyo in 2020.


Fair play to Rob Heffernan finishing 6th. If was a really gruelling event and he was walking at the end but I can’t help thinking if he mustered up a little sprint it might have got him a medal.


A fair opinion that is easy to arrive at I grant you.

I’m sympathetic to the angles he takes, and so choose to believe that it’s not driven by a selfish motive.

His utterances about Dublin are beyond the pale, pardon the pun. Hoganstand-type invective.


Got any photos of that?? :wink:


Walking is not a sport.Neither is that horse dancing thing,dressage.How the fcuk did BMXing get into the Olympics ?


Synchronised swimming? Rhythmic Gymnastics?


Gymnastics is very tough and takes great discipline to perform - even though it’s fer gurlz !!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


what age are the gymnastic girls? Some of them look like wimmin, some of the chiese in particular look about 8.


He said rhythmic gymnastics, not the regular kind. That gets my goat too. Running around the floor with a bit of ribbon FFS…


Are the Chiese related to the Cherokees?


The Chinese are notorious for producing dodgy birth certs for their female gymnasts. T’was quite the scandal in Beijing.


Our girls do it to get served in pubs … That’s why their wimmins have 13,548 gold medals and we have one … Culture eh …


As a mate of mind put it, “I draw the line at horse-reversing!” :laughing:


Promoted to 5th. Japanese guy demoted for bumping (obviously looks at Mark Cavendish too much in cycling).
Still, a great performance.


You gotta love the name of the prison that Pat Hickey is being held in!


"Tree weels o’ ma wagin, an I stihw wolling awong, them Chewokees, they aftah mee…


Bangu? Yeah a pretty scary place apparently.


i know who i’d prefer to go for a pint with anyways.