Rio Olympics


Fantastic. A new wave of politicians come in, promising reform and succumb to the old guard at a whim (or where there’s a jolly junket to be had). He could have said no.


Yeah, but a government enacting plans for a healthier population is one thing. If they build more swimming pools & gyms, set aside land for parks, pay for more PE teachers in schools etc etc, that’s all great. The investment will stand to them in the long run, with a healthier population not being such a drain on the NHS. If that actually happens (as opposed to being a promise to win an election, I’m a tad cynical there) then fair play to them.

But how much of the credit for that can be traced back to their £400 million investment in their Olympic athletes? That is what I’m wondering. That is what legacy issues are all about, aren’t they? If little Darren in Grimsby now has a park/pool/gym on his door step and is motivated to put down the Playstation, that’s great. If it just means that Jessica Ennis & Mo Farrah can keep on going to expensive training camps overseas and, give the nation a thrill once every 4 years, that’s another thing entirely.


there is a big debate in the UK on playing fields being sold off for development.

then again, the amount of leisure centres and suchlike they ahve there compaired to here was amazing (althouth this is just from personal experiance) although i think this is closing somewhat now.


Irish times were suggesting that little mo keeps bad company, in the form of coaches who have been caught doping and strong rumours about their ethics.


They don’t need to suggest it. It’s a fact. Three of the coaches he has trained with, have been busted for doping. He has never tested positive 'tho. He trains all year round in Portland, Oregon. Team GB me arse !


I often feel it’s only a matter of time before…

I haven’t read the article… is it the training base in Oregon? Coach’s name is Salazar, or something?


Nike have a massive training camp in Portland for their stable of athletes. It’s beside their corporate HQ. He lives there full time.


Nike still sponsor Maria Sharapova and Justin Gatlin.


Hard luck on Thomas Barr, there. Fourth place must really be the worst place to finish in an Olympic final.


Yea Herman Salazar runs the Nike camp, or did, until a recent doping scandal. Mo hasn’t distanced himself from yerman. Apparently some other dubious coach as well.

Salazar is a great name, really should be a bond villan.


He doesn’t need to be in a Bond movie to be the villain he already is! :slight_smile:

Leona Maguire going well in the golf.


Everything else is in it.


Brilliant run. 5/100 th of a second!!


A good friend of Dublin GAA called Mo out at a presser after the 10k. Same friend has also pissed off the Irish team especially the boxers and raised questions about Barr. Nasty.


Trying to make a name for himself, nothing more . At least he didn’t have to travel far with it on his door step . Jesus that one he’s with must have the patience if a saint to put up with him .


Your enemy’s enemy isn’t necessarily your friend. Being questioned by Ewe ‘n’ Mac Cunta doesn’t absolve you of any wrong-doing.


Poor mans Paul Kimmage. Wasn’t he having a go at the Boxers and the fact that people who supported them were dismayed by what happened? Being dissapointed by failure being an odd sensation for a flourbag I suppose.




He’s an angry sort.

A lot of his articles make valid points on aspects of topics that are not often discussed in the mainstream, he was spot on about the hypocrisy of the Russian ban while countless others are allowed compete for example.

Unfortunately he loses all objectivity and credibility when he talks about Dublin GAA. His passion for the little guy, or rather his seeming hatred for the bigger guy causes him to lose his shit.


Prices were quite affordable. The reality is that sport here is totally dominated by football and there is nothing like the same level of interest in other sports. Also the Brazilians, culturally, see no reason to watch sports unless they are competing at a good level or there are global stars competing. Very different to London 2012 where it was all about experiencing the Olympics in whatever way possible.