Resser in the Spotlight


What in the name o’ Jaysus is going on here? Does @dubinhell need his solicitor present when answering these questions?


Omerta comes to mind.


Family and friends, GAA and the sense of humour.


Yep, Kevin St.

North Wales and Fife, Scotland.


My dad, grandad and uncle were/are huge GAA supporters.

Low cost of living, low crime. I wouldn’t say it has much else going for it.

Thankfully yes. I’ve met some illegals and heard some horror stories.


Maybe in the long-term but not anytime soon. Wife and kid make a move difficult.

I was here for a bit of the second George Bush, then Obama and Trump. I think Obama did the best with the economy and he wasn’t an absolute ■■■■ so I’d go for him. Jury’s out on Trump’s economic impact but he’d need to put a lot of money in prople’s pockets to forgive his other failings.

I think it’s possible. It’s unbelievable to see how many kids are into it and how parents are starting to steer away from the american football. probably still a white middle class kids sport though outside of hispanic areas. Not sure if they will have a good enough domestic league to go all the way though.

Personally, no. Not until we overtake Kerry on the all time list. It’s a better sport etc but just didn’t grow up with it in the same way as football.

I’d give Bart a go.

I think they are hugely important for people interested in the bigger picture, probably not too many of those around. Yes, it is expensive but we waste money on a lot of other things. How many nuclear powered aircraft carriers, tanks and fighters does the US need to bomb the shite out of lads with camels?

No. One of my regrets.

A flat in town and a house in Howth



When did ya go stateside ?

Think paddys day should be a public holiday there ?

Where do you watch the games , online or in the pub ?

Have you got the american twang ( accent )

Tell us the funniest / weird thing that’s happened to you over there


The tax cut was nice. I’ve also closed almost all my social media accounts around the time of the last election. The pointless bile from people I know was very dissapointing. Trump’s election also made my mind up on applying for citizenship, I won’t be doing that for a very long time.

Usually fly direct now that we have the young fella traveling with us. JFK was always awkward in the past, horrible layout and a long drive to get there. Longest trip home I ever did was Atlanta-Detroit-Amsterdam-Dublin.

Awful shite. Don’t be fooled by the crap being sold here disguised as Cadbury either.

Never been to either but I’d like the sound of Miami over Vegas.

Never straight through, but probably have read most of them in bits & pieces, Never touched Finnegan’s Wake.

Not since first year in secondary school when a particularly persistent annoyance had his head slammed into a coat hook. There was blood, he left me in peace after that.

Still tomato, although there is something odd about how I say it.


Was in the US from 2004 for a couple of years and then back for good in 2009.

Not outside of the big Irish enclaves. It’s mainly just an excuse for people to be ■■■■■

On-line, I’m a big fan of GAAGO, a great service. If I’m in a bigger city, I might pop into a pub to watch the odd game but that’s not very often.

Probably a little, i don’t hear it but its hard to tell. Definitely have picked up a few turns of phrases just from working with the locals.


I only found out there was a spotlight thing going on here a few days ago.

Always interesting.


Jaysus, we now know who is next:), this is mild bland stuff compared to your one:)


Your favourite fast food?
The most irritating thing about the yanks?
The most irritating thing about the Irish?
If you could choose to attend the Oscars or the Grammys, which would it be?
The Super Bowl, a great sporting spectacle or a super show with sport as a side show?
Best known Irish sports star in the states?
Would you get into the ring with Mike Tyson at his best for 1 million$, knowing that he was going to go all out to knock your block off? ( No cheating, you can’t feign injury:) )



Favourite place in the world you’ve travelled to?

Best thing about small town America?

Which was a bigger dump, Fife or the part of Wales you were in (my memory fails me)?

Worst thing about your parents-in-law?

Outside of your own discipline, is there a subject area you’d like to study or to have studied (it’s never too late :wink: )?

Thing[s] that irritate[s] you most about Irish immigrants in the States?

What’s the angriest you remember your Ma being with you growing up?

Something you’d like to do differently from your late teens or early twenties?


Are you a fully paid up member of the NRA?

Do people send you over shrink wrapped Superquinn sausages and Batch bread when they visit?

Did you get involved in any local Iriah groups, GAA or otherwise?

Do you hang a flag outside your homestead, if so, which one?

Do you drive or do you long to drive an old American muscle car?

Were you top end or bottom end of Tallaght?

Do you say “y’all”?


Beyonce or Rhianna?

Oprah or Ellen?

CSI or Law & Order?

Valentine’s Day…pain in the hole, meh, or ah, it makes the missus happy for a day, so I’m in.

What is Xmas Day like for you in 'Murica?

What Irish Christmas foods, experiences & family traditions do you miss most?

Were/Are you closest to your mother or father?

Describe Ben Roethlisberger in 3 words.

Is you a fan of baseball?


No. But living in a rural area, i’d know a fair few. Most are very sensible. One fella has about 10-15 rifles and handguns kept in a huge safe in his basement. No way his kids are getting anywhere near the things. He would hunt deer on a regular basis and once a year heads out west to hunt bear or elk. My next door neighbour, on the other hand, cheerfully tells me he sleeps with a loaded handgun under his bed because of crime. We wouldn’t even lock our front door. He has 3 or 4 kids under the age of 10 running around the house. Madness.

No, but volunteers are always welcome! :slight_smile:

Did a bit with the GAA in Baltimore but not so much now with a kid around. 2+ hour drive each way after work wasn’t sustainable. I’d volunteer at a few of the local Irish festivals, which can be a bit of craic depending on who you meet.

Dubs flag during the summer

I don’t but i would love to now! Never really big into cars but i love the look of the newer Mustangs. Been to a couple of car shows and sat in a few of the real 70’s muscle cars, great yokes. Must be mid-life crisis time!

Tallaght has a top end? :slight_smile: I was from Springfield.

Just to annoy people, yes! :slight_smile:


I enjoyed going to China, very interesting place and beautiful in spots. Glad I went when i was a bit younger, the food and the jacks would kill me now :slight_smile:

Safe, quiet and low cost of living.

I found North Wales to be a bit grim. Rhyl … ugghhh.

The silence and air of hostile disappointment? :wink: And mother-in-law’s meatloaf…

If i was thinking about a career, then finance or accounting.

For fun, probably history, economics or Irish.

I don’t think I could generalize. There’s good and bad in all of them. You can see a fair bit of pretentiousness in younger ex-pats but usually people like that have worked hard to be in the situation that they in. Sometimes I get the sense they are more trying to convince themselves that whatever they gave up has been worthwhile rather than just showing off. Others seem to love running down Ireland and their own background, but why are you telling me this while sitting having a pint in an Irish pub in New York/Philly/DC? hard to judge anyone without having walked in their shoes first.

Don’t remember being angry with her at all. Saved that for my sister! :slight_smile:

Play more sports and find a way to take a few years doing something different before going to college, just to see some of life and mature a bit. Not a luxury many people have though.


Hi DIH! :grinning:


Are you an immigrant or an ex-pat?

Read the question about your Ma again and answer it properly. Thanks.


I nominate our new Resser undercover in Trumpland @Ohm.


Excellent choice sir


Start it off with Joxers last question