Resser in the Spotlight


Thanks. I didn’t know I had a baton!

No protection at all. I’m a prime candidate for skin cancer. Never wear protection (especially on my baton!)

Olympia. Used to work there as a door man back in the day

Irish is Dara O’Broin and international is sometimes Tim Vine but mostly Jimmy Carr. Lethal!

Football would be Lee Keegan. I wouldn’t start him though, would just nee to weaken Mayo! Hurling would be Paudie Maher from Tipp. Because he’s f*****g brilliant.

Join in, I’m very comfortable with my work colleagues.

Alaska. Loved it there, up until the twin towers were hit. Then it became a complete nightmare. Would love to go back again and re-live the experience as the holiday was so overshadowed by what happened in the ‘lower 48’ that day.

Balls the size of Melons and a great leader, but also an imperialistic baxtard!

Raglan road and carried out to the tune of “mo ghile mear” like my dad and my uncles.

Angela. Boyhood crush!

David Coleman. Great commentator.

At a push top gear, because I’m into cars but the show used to do my head in with that pr1ck hosting!

Are you being served. Loved the show. Mrs Slocombe and her pussy!

Reserved for special people who annoy me = C**t. Never use it on family members.

Jesus, about 10 times a day to my wife and kids for my language/rage when driving the car and somebody does something stupid on the roads!

Winning the championship with our hurlers back in 2008. Lived and loved every second of that as we were beaten by Monicas in the league final decider couple of months before, and beat Mons in the champo final. I didn’t concede one solitary score from corner back all year and only gave away one scored free. Loved it.

Was actually a bit goggle eyed when Mesut Ozil came right up to us at the Arsenal game last month. Then I looked at my son who was slack jawed, smiling and eyes wide open. That was real star struck… Or maybe I hid it better.

Just 3 days? I’d hire 50% more nursing staff, I’d raise their wages to pre recession day cuts (keeping staff from emigrating) I’d hire 50% more Gardai and deploy them where appropriate, and I’d build three times the amount of jails (hiring more PO’s to run them) and in turn instruct the judiciary to jail criminals especially the recidivists. I’d hire more fire personnel and run a risk assessment of the city to see where resources need to be deployed and how best, including pre fire plans and pre fire safety. Finally, I would sack most of the incompetent clowns running the HSE and hire the correctly qualified and strong willed individuals to see it through it’s course. I would of course include the unions in all this and advise them that they would need to accept change to make their members lives better and easier and less stressful. Finally, I would have a specially erected statue in memory of all the emergency personnel that gave up their lives in the course of duty, most recently the crew of rescue 116. That’s just off the top of my head.
(Sorry, I see just 3 changes and one day, made a balls of that, sorry)

Yep, I nap as early as I can that day, just to see me through it. Incidentally, I use alcohol to help me sleep a little too often after tough shifts, but I’ve never found a better way to chill after rough shifts. It’s my way and it works. While not good for me, it keeps me sane!

Yes, that Al is living in NZ!!!


They are smashing replies Mr. Rochey!
Maith an fear thú.


Great stuff @Rochey !

So , choose away for who is up next !


Brilliant stuff @Rochey fair play.


Serious doff of the cap there, Senor Rochey.

Hope na ceisteanna weren’t too forensic for you and your baton.

:clap: :clap: :clap:


Must be honest, I was uncomfortable with people knowing what I do for a living. I don’t generally talk about the nature of my job publicly so I was glad nobody delved too much into that! It would have ceased all operations!!!

Is there a list of who’s been under the spotlight yet? I’d like to choose wisely, but don’t have the time to root through the entire thread!


well done lad



Are the other lovely girls in the Met Office that jealous of you and your fabulous wardrobe? :crazy_face:


Jean is a jealous wagon!




Thanks @Unbelievable

I’d love to nominate @Mr.White if he’s still around, but don’t think he’s posted in a while. I’ve a few beeeuusshheeeefulll questions for that gentleman!


Actually, can we give him a little time, say 24 hours to join in?? If not I’ll pick another scobie for the task.


Mr White hasn’t posted in over 5 months & last viewed 3 months ago. I’d choose someone else .


Great answers, Mr @Rochey. A brilliant stint.


Viewed 3 days ago and posted last in January…13


Oh ok , that read bit didn’t show up on my phone !


That read bit just means how long he has spent reading posts. He hasn’t been online since Feb 13.


Thought that myself but wasn’t 100% on it.


I nominate Dubinhell… I want to see that fecker burn.


in hell?