Resser in the Spotlight


Favourite holiday destination you’ve been to?
Favourite Irish county/town/city for a getaway or holiday?
Don Henley or Glenn Frey?
Líam Óg or Davey Spillane?
Have you heard of Eoin Duignan?
Favourite style of hurling schtick (Kilkenny, Tipp, Cork or other)?
How long is your hose?
Nasal plumage, trim, pluck or leave?
Cans of Draught Guinness, yay or nay?
Favourite ethnic fude?
Do you currently have a wow-wow?
What do you most like about your job?
What do you dislike most?
Who have successive Irish governments let down the most over the years, Nationalists in Northern Ireland or its own, hard-working public servants?
If you could change/introduce one rule in Gaelic Football what would it be?
Same question for hurling.
5 things to recommend to people visiting Dublin?
You recently visited London… How does Dublin compare favourably and unfavourably?


Philly, he’d burst me so he can do anything he likes!

See above :slight_smile:


Easy, Jamesy’s dad. Anyone who knows him will understand why!

Gloria Gaynor, I will survive. Used to have some craic with that song with the gang I used to pal around with!

I’m sure I would pick Jaime Somers! Similar looking, but something a bit unclean about Jaime… In a good way!

Steve Austin. Tough fooker!


DJ Carey

Oasis at the time, but Blur grew on me after it all faded away

Yes. No. Though I often wished I travelled a lot more and nearly went to live in America in the mid 90’s.

Tom Jones, the big Welsh sex kitten!

Spoofer, Over-rated and under achieved everywhere he went!

Great recall of them. I absorb absolutely every second of them and still watch the replays and Sunday Games over and over after the fact. You always pick up something you didn’t catch first second or third time.




My own view is that John Egan and John McCarthy would put any part of their anatomy on the line in the pursuit of a goal. Serious kudos to both. It’s no wonder that they each have a son achieving some level of sporting prowess.


John and PJ Brennan (Ger’s Da) were near me in the Hogan in 2015 … Macker was especially happy after the game … priceless stuff.


CWD all day long. Much easier on the eye, if not the hole! :blush:

No. Though I like to trim the garden!!!

Neither, at a push though, I like the way Pool run the club.

No way. I only hated 2 people in my life so far and it was those 2. Cannot separate them, both the devil’s spawn.

Jesus. Bertie I guess.

Garret Fitz, hated him with a passion but felt he did well considering what he had to deal with.

Mary Mc.

Leo. Just

James Burke!!!

Of all time it’s Denise Masterson or Hargo. Of this current bunch, it’s Jamesy. Of the under 9’s, my son!

BK all the way. Club first for me.

Defender, number 6 up to my twenties and in my 30’s corner back.

Diarmuid Connolly? :wink: After him, maybe Danny. A joy to watch.

Good question. I’d probably say Keaney for a number of reasons. Loved the fact that he bucked the trend to leave the big ball for the small.

Padraig Maher

Sean McMahon from Clare. A beast!

Conor McManus from Muineachain!

I had to think about most of your questions to give the correct answer, apart from this one. Tomas O’Se. An Aston Martin of footballers, loved watching him play.


Last year we did the family holiday with friends and their kids to Lake Garda in Italy. It was a fantastic holiday. We will go back. We usually do the staycation here in Ireland so last year was a breath of fresh warm air! Cost a packet though so won’t be every year!

Castlegregory co Kerry. Love it down there.

Don for me. Glen Frey annoyed me. Neither were my cup of tea, depsite their obvious talents.

You’d have to say Liam for sentimental purposes, but both helped revolutionise the pipes. Met and played with both and were gentlemen to the core.

Yes, a piper from the Dingle peninsula. Never played with him, but heard him play. Great talent.

Kilkenny from about 10 years ago. Teak tough, could mix any thing the opposition threw at them, Peak Cody.

Quite long. Bit of a 4x2 going on there!



Coddle!!! After that, Chinese.

Yes. A thick mongrel. But very handsome and we treat him like a child. Brazen fooker too!

No 2 days are ever the same. It has great rewards sometimes.

It sometimes has the total opposite of great rewards!!!

A little of both. I feel the NI nationalists are growing stronger. The only problem is May’s treaty with the Unionists. That was a disaster waiting to happen.

Sin Bin for yellows and a time clock (like Ladies Gaelic)

As above

Glasnevin cemetery, Walk the Howth cliff, Guinness storehouse, Go see the Dubs after the provincial championships in Croke park on the hill and dress in blue and finally, pour some fairy washing up liquid in the fountain on college green and afterwards visit Trinity!

The transport system in London is amazing and so affordable, the people were surprisingly nice and the area we were staying was just beautiful. Loved the centre city too, so much for the kids to see and do, likewise us adults and very little sign of poverty that is so obvious in Dublin. I’ve been to London a few times before, this was my first very positive experience there! (see food poisoning above in 2004)

Good Q’s Beeko!


You’re down in Dingle & you wander into Paudi’s…which O’Se brother do you hope is helping out behind the bar? What do you say to strike up conversation?

Your opinion of the black card?

Ever do any reffin’ ?

Top 3 WW2 flicks?

Sicily during an Etna eruption, San Francisco during an 7.5 earthquake, Kansas during an F5 tornado, New Orleans during an F4 hurricane…which one terrifies you more?

Who do you enjoy beating more in Leinster finals, Kildare or Meath?

Damien Comer or John Heslin?

Austin Gleeson or Sheamie Callanan?

Are you still in touch with your best friend when you were 10?

Are scared of anything? (Hope to God, you don’t say heights :man_firefighter: )

Sean Cavanagh or Peter Canavan?

Jackie Cahill or Joanne Cantwell? Thoughts on JC getting TSG gig?

Dunphy or Giles?

Favourite (food) item battered.


There’s a magic photo of John and Jamesy hugging after that game. Must dig it out.


Did you go to Gardaland and if so did you get on the Raptor and/or the Blue Tornado?


Tomas. Or Marc, but Tomas first. “Hi, I’m your biggest fan”! He is friendly with my cousin so I could name drop!

A very worthwhile option for the referee, we just need it enforced evenly and it would be a great addition.

Not officially, but had to after a ref never showed up a few times.

Escape to victory, Saving private Ryan and Inglorious Basterds!

I suppose the Etna one. So unpredictable.

Meath all day long. I have a good memory!

Comer, think he will tip the balance in their favour a lot this year. Great talent.

Tough one. Gleeson. A very inconsistent hurler, but on his day can do special things

Yes. But very sparingly. Great Q, will send him a text after this to say hello!

Actually, socially I never go near heights. In work they don’t bother me as I focus on the task at hand, but I wouldn’t abseil or parachute jump in a million years unless it was work related!

Sean Cavanagh. While St Peter was brilliant, I didn’t like the way he carried on. I know Sean was no saint, but I loved his marauding style and he was a tough baxtard too!

Joanne Cantrell. Delighted she got the gig. Was between her or Darragh for me. Disagreed at the time, but in hindsight it was the correct decision IMO.

Giles. Dunphy is a knob

Ray. Or burger… Or sausage… Love battered food (fat baxtard like me) A lad in work once battered jam sandwiches, they were gorgeous!!!


We didn’t make it that far. The kids all wanted to stay in the water parks of the camp site, so we were just happy to sit and chill out during the day and have the craic with the kids in the pools. We were with 3 other families with kids of similar ages. It was a holiday match made in heaven! It helped that we all got on great too, we know each other quite a long time!!! 4 Mun families in Italy, what could possibly go wrong!


Cheers man, even betterer answers.
Duignan is a brilliant piper, indeed. Great on the low whistle also.
Castlegregory has a fantastic beach, usually very few people on it.


What do you regret the most about Ballymun Kickham’s hurling from mid to late noughties? You had a fine team.
Should Kickham’s and Setanta have an amalgamation?
Did BK have a good adult hurling team in the mid-late 80’s?


That it broke up so quickly, a lot of us were the wrong side of 40 and none of the younger lads wanted to play. Thanks, loved playing with that gang!

No. Was looked at before in the 80’s/90’s and both sides had very different expectations of each other. I’d imagine not a lot has changed since.

We had a junior A hurling team in the 80’s but sadly, the men that drove hurling on in the club either retired or passed away prematurely and with it the sport in the club. We got a mini ressurection in the 00’s but as above, it faded away.


Did you win a Junior B championship in the 80’s?


No, was still underage for most of the 80’s


I meant as in did the club win? Maybe we should have a club-in-the-spotlight thread.


They did if I recall correctly. Can’t remember the year.


Ok, last one from me, before the baton gets handed over.

The Hill on a hot day, sunglasses, cap, sunscreen the works…or you stumble into The Big Tree at 5.05 pm looking like a scalded lobster?

The Gaiety or The Olympia?

Favourite standup comedian?

If there was a transfer market, what non Dub footballer and hurler would you sign for us & why?

You’re at work, waiting for the kettle to boil in the break room & a conversation about repealing the 8th starts up…do you:

  • join in
  • mumble something about work to do & leave immediately.
  • stay standing there, say nothing & pray like fcuk the kettle boils quicker.
  • point out that HR request such conversations take place outside the work place.
  • something else entirely.
    (Not looking for your opinion on the 8th btw, just what you’d do in the situ.)

Fav part of the US to visit?

Winston Churchill, what is the first thing that springs to mind…hero to all right thinking, free people everywhere, elitist imperialist baxtard, seriously ugly hoor, great with the one liners, balls the size of a Kerry mans ego, something else?

Song you want played at your funeral?

Angela Rippon or Jan Leeming?

Frank Bough or David Coleman?

Episode of Top Gear or a Bear Grylls thingy

Episode of Are You Being Served or Mrs Browns Boys?

Favourite term of abuse? Do you use it for the females in your family?

Favourite non sporting school teacher & why?

When was the last time you had to apologize to someone?

Greatest personal moment on the sports field?

Last time you were genuinely star struck at meeting someone, sporting and non sporting…or listen pal, I save lives for a living, people are star struck when they meet me !

If you were in charge of the Emergency Services for a day, what 3 changes would you bring in?

Have you a secret remedy for getting over shift work/working nights “jetlag” & remaining sane?
(Father did it for nearly 40 years in the airport. No idea how yiz do it. Kudos.)

Have you learned anything about other Ressers in the Spotlight that genuinely surprised you?