Resser in the Spotlight


Gerald Fleming, only because I’ve met him and he’s a genuinely nice man.

No opinion on JD or JS

Evelyn is a legend, so her all the way (oooerrr)

Remember Joan. Or maybe I’m thinking of John! :slight_smile:

Love extremes, so snow for me as it’s rarer here!

A thunderstorm. Could happily sit outside and watch a thunderstorm for a whole night!

Never saw freezing rain, not sure I want to as it can be terrifyingly fatal from what I know of it!

Graupel all day long too. Means real cold and a great bedrock for snow accumulations.

Beasterly, but my fav winter weather pattern is a Scandi to Greeny high where we get Beasterly and then a NE’ly and a N’ly. Rare but my cuppa tea!


Miami. Gorgeous 1/4lbers with cheese (my missus) and perfect Ray (me) and after the scoops next door, a mighty kebab! Friendly staff too. Don’t live next door anymore, but still travel up for the grub whenever chipper food is on the menu!


Ballymun Avenue. Was always that!!!

WW2 flick. I was an action man kid, so it floats my boat!

Jeysus. That’s like asking me to pick my favourite child FFS!!! Can I plead the 5th? Genuinely don’t think we can do without any of them. Gun to my head? I’d say shoot!!!

That’s a brilliant Q!!! It’s definitely 5pm to 12. That was in the Autobahn after the emotional walk home. Tears, hugs, tears and more hugs. The 12 to 7am bit was rather special too, in the hotel with the team and my pals involved. More hugs, great chats with Wheelo, Jamesy, Philly a few club mates, While I was 3 sheets to the wind, I’ll never forget those moments. NEVER! The following day, met a few ressers for pints in the Autobahn, then into the confession box… More pints. That was brilliant craic. We had soldiered online together for years and toiled and cried at many losses. The eventuality that was that Monday, was a thing of beauty. I still to this day, call that the greatest moment of my life. Outside of the kids and my wedding!!! (just in case she’s stalking!!) Love that Q PD. Best I’ve seen yet. Thanks!!!

Clint. Ageless genius.

Batman. The gravely voice!

Neither. But have been in Coppers a lot more, so I guess that’s my answer, begrudgingly!

Agatha, just a bit more homely!

Why Jayo? Anyway… 1) Have you ever been in a Turkish prison? 2) Have you ever been in a cockpit? 3) Have you ever seen a grown man naked?

Another cracker…
StV: Big historical winners closing soon! :slight_smile:
BK: Love of my life forever
NaF: Last stop before Albert College :smile:

Harry Brown. Brilliant movie, and his performance was incredible.

Elvis… Meh: In the Ghetto at a push. - Beatles: She’s leaving home. - ABBA… Meh, maybe Chicateeta (SP)???

Brilliant Q’s ProudDub. Enjoyed that!


No. You have to pick one. No mercy.

Why Jayo? Jim Gavin, Brian Cody, Whelo, Fento, Dermo, Johnny Cooper, Berno, Jack Mc, Deano & Barney were all taken.

Why are trad musicians so scruffy looking?

Car of choice if you won the Lotto?

Best chipper in Dublin. Best chipper within a 2 mile radius of your house?

Do you still describe things in feet, inches, miles, stones, lbs etc or do you use the metric system?

Who nose would you rather shove a live scorpion up…CO’C, Kieran Donaghy, @alanoc , or Spewan McKenna?

Have you ever lied on an insurance claim?

Worst case of food poisoning you ever got?

Did you want to be a fireman when you were 6?

Best city in NI to visit for a match, a stag, cheap booze shopping?

Ever met someone in real life, after getting to know them online first & been surprised at how different they were from their online persona? (Ressers excluded.)

Favourite non GAA sport, favourite individual sport?

The Masters or Wimbledon?


Fireman or mechanic your choice?
If you could roll back the clock who would be the Dubs full back, Paddy C. Deasey, Gerry Hargan or Rory o carroll.
Your least fav county and why?
Which current Dublin player would you sign for the Mun?
Your favourite pizza?
Is your wife a Dub?
Did you name your children after anyone in particular?
Have you ever worn Doc Martins?
Your fave breed of dog?
The thing that annoys you most about people?
You fav city centre street?
What saddens you most about Dublin today?


@Rufus_T_Firefly and @5AliveOh Brilliant stuff Gents, apologies lot on last week didn’t have time to ask questions, really enjoyed the Q’s & A’s.


Mr @Rochey

Did you have your 18,21,30th birthdays in Autobhan?
Fondest memory of Summer in Dublin as a kid?
Fav BK Hurler & Footballer you played with?
Dollyer or Portmarnock Beach?
Did you collect/eat Winkles ? Cook them at beach or home?
Do you think BK need a Bar in clubhouse?
If Setanta got to Senior Hurling Final, would you wear the Blue & Navy to support them? Have you ever worn the Blue & Navy?
Do you think knocking down the flats has helped Community in the Mun?
Flip flops or sandles on Hols?
Have you brought BK Shorts & Jersey on sun holiday?


I don’t have to do anything, this is a democracy! I couldn’t honestly pick one. Sorry.

I’m not scruffy looking, nor are a lot of the people I know who play it. The new age hippy variety of trad musicians are scruffy mind you, but I know very few of them.

The latest Tesla. Powerful beyond all our needs, very sporty and clean energy! And a new X Trail for the family!

No idea, don’t really frequent chippers away from my area, but the best I ever had is in Morriscastle in Wexford! The Miami (now Macaris) at the Autobahn would be my local chipper of choice.

A bit of both really, but mostly metric!

Spewan wins that hands down. I don’t hate anyone of the others, and even hate is a strong word to use with McKenna. I did hate Ian Paisley and Maggie Thatcher back in the day.

No. I believe that brings bad Karma…

In London in 2004. Ate a dodgy chicken sandwich on a flight and spent the next 4 days throwing up every 15 minutes and shitting water. I broke the toilet of the house we were staying in!

No. A train driver when I was very young was the dream job.

Belfast is great for all those things you say, but Derry city is my favourite. A lot of great memories from there back during the troubles.

No. Don’t use tinder or plenty o fish! :slight_smile:

I suppose soccer is up there and individual sport is fishing, love a spot of coarse fishing… Do you consider that a sport!?

Masters. Love final day at the Masters, nearly always great drama. However, Wimbledon however gave me one of the most entertaining finals, think it was 08/09 Federer Vs Nadal. It was brilliant!


Love what I do now, so that wins but still dabble at mechanic. Do all my family and friends cars and have most of the equipment needed to do it. Enjoy it as a hobby now more than anything.

All brilliant, but Hargo for me was a God.

Cork, self explanatory!!!

Mick Fitzsimons. He’s a superstar! Love his no nonsense style of play.

Not a fan of Pizza really, so a simple cheese pizza…

Yes. It’s 7 generations back before there’s a culchie in our family and my wife is 3 generations back. True blue Dub couple!

One of my children was named after somebody very special to us both.

Yes, had doc boots for years, and then wore them as part of the work uniform too. The famous air cushion sole for real comfort!

German pointer. Lovely placid animal, friendly and smart. Had one for 12 years and she was a great creature. 2nd choice would be a Shepard. Again, very smart and great guard dogs. We had one for 12 years too. Had them at the same time (both rescue dogs) and they both died within a month of each other!!! Sad times.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing!

In Dublin, I love Grafton street.

Homelessness and the lack of empathy shown to them. I’ve been guilty of it myself before.


No, 18th was in Rush, 21st a surprise party in the lawn and my 30th was a house party. My 40th was on the day of Dublin beating Laois on All Ireland 1/4 final so we just went back to the Autobahn then for extra sweet pints!

Playing Gaelic on the green when an ESB truck pulled up and Dully Duff hopped out of it. He played about 25 minutes with us and one of the lad’s ma made a cake for him for when he finished working. That was a mad day. The following day we had baseball bats and balls on the green, a car pulled up and Frank Rossi from Status Quo got out and started to play with us. Seemed surreal. And they were sunny days!

Fav BK hurler was a guy from Tipp called Mark King. A great hurler and a spirited f****r! Hargo was my favourite big ball player by a long shot. A real gem and a leader on the pitch.

Dollyer. Still go on winter days to give the dog a run. Wouldn’t go near either on a day like today! Too packed.

No. Not a fan of shellfish as a rule.

No. A bar while a good source of revenue, brings it’s own problems and takes a lot of resources to run it taking away from the on-field activities!

Never played for Setanta, but I would support, and have done in the past. Loved that team that broke through to senior with Chinger, Paul Connolly and co. Went to support them regularly.

Yes I do, they were an eye sore. It has quietened down a lot of the anti social stuff too. There’s still too much, but it has defo improved.

Sandles. Wearing a pair as I type this! I don’t have great toes, so I’d never be used as a foot model for either!!!

Shorts on a sun holiday and jersey when I go to the states. It gets you some kudos in certain bars!!!

Great Q’s again lads. I’m learning about myself too!!!


Bit posh - could you not just say the garden?

What is the meaning of life?
Why does Henley’s Loop loop?
Have you ever answered Ballymun when someone asked you where you’re from? Would you favour a return to the Commonwealth?


Colloquially known as the lawn, it was “Glasnevin lawn tennis club”! But then you knew that!

Because it wants to. It’s organic!

I always answer Ballymun, because it is where I’m from!

No. The commonwealth can f*** off and die like the rest of Britannia empire!


No seriously though - did you ever admit it in real life?


What % of a firemans job is actaully putting out fires?
The county you would most like to see win an All Ireland in both codes outside the Dubs? (Talking about those with at least a slight chance)
Provincial champos, scrap them of keep them?
If you could be a pro sportsman waht you be your sport and why?
Ballymun player that played for the dubs, that surprised you most?
The ballymun player that never made it with the Dubs that disappointed you most?
Will you go to see the pope on his next visit to Ireland?
Did you watch as Cluxton took the free in 2011?
Share a prison cell with Marty Morrissey, Ger Canning or Michael Lester?


You verging on full on snobbery now. I’m proud to be a Mun man. Always was, always will be.


:wink: I worked with a bloke from Shangan - we are still good mates - and at a do one night the head of HR (Southsider) asked him why when he said he lived in Ballymun!!! He wasn’t even joking.

When Backdraft came out was there big rows among the firemen about who got to be Kurt Russell?


Dublin is different as all firemen are paramedics. I’d say 15%

Have no opinion on that. Don’t care who wins if we don’t. It’d be easier to say who I don’t want to win!!!

Keep them.

Basketball or soccer. It’s all bout the money!

In what way? I guess you mean how well they did? Then that would be Alan Hubbard. Always felt his height would go against him, but he acquitted himself brilliantly when he did play.

While he got a run with the Dubs, he never got an extended one. Darren Ducie was an exceptional footballer and pound for pound one of the best we ever produced. Tough as nails, skilful and powerful. Teak tough. Always amazed he never got a decent run.

If he was in my back garden, I’d close the curtains! Ah no, seriously, I might if it was handy enough to get to. More out of curiosity than any religious reason.

Yes. I believed it wouldn’t go over, because that’s what happened us as Dubs fans… How wrong was I!

Having met all 3, I’d say Marty. He’s very knowledgable and very very interested in the subject matter, the others I felt were just doing a job!


You openly admit knowing someone from Shangan? They’re the northsiders of Ballymun :smile:

I couldn’t tell you. That move was turned off after about 40 minutes. Hollywood glorification that turned my stomach at how cheesy it was!


Phily, Deano, Jamesy - which one are you ok with your wife running away to Barbados with?

Phily, Deano, Jamesy - which one would you prefer your daughter take to her Debs?

Phily, Deano, Jamesy - which one would you pick as your partner in the par 3 competition at the Masters?

Phily, Deano, Jamesy - Which one of their fathers would you most like to hug, plant a big, wet smacker on their forehead, sing Up Where We Belong with, in the Urlingford Palace Karaoke Bar & Casino at 2am?

( #DemocracyMeBollocks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

Guilty pleasure 70’s disco chune?

Jamie Sommers or Diana Chambers

Col Steve Austen or Captain Buck Rogers?

Or were they before your time?

Greatest hurler you’ve seen play more than 3 times, apart from Sheflin?

Oasis or Blur or couldn’t give a shiny shite?

Have you lived in Dublin all your life? Have you ever had a yen to live anywhere else?

Tom Jones or Johnny Logan?

Geezer, as a MANAGER only…spoofer, underrated, out of his depth, innovator, does the best with what he has, mercenary, will @Rufus_T_Firefly ensure I don’t live to see another dawn… your thoughts?

AI finals. Do you have good recall of them afterwards, or do they pass in a blur from nerves, tension etc and you have to watch them back on TSG to get a sense of what happened? What stands out from last years final from your own head, at the time?


Chicks with dicks or blokes with tits? (had to return the favour).
Have you ever waxed a part of your anotomy and if so, which part(s)?
Liverpool or Man Utd?
Ian Paisley or Maggie Thatcher? EDIT - Didn’t read a previous answer when asking that (still valid) question.
Bertie Ahern or Tony Blair?
Best Taoiseach?
Best Úachtaráin na h-Éireann?
Inda Kinny or Leo?
Favourite Mayo player?
Favourite Ballymun Kickhams player?
Favourite all-time BK player?
Dublin or Ballymun Kickhams?
What position did you play in the hurley ball?
Favourite current Dublin hurler?
Favourite all-time Dublin hurler?
Favourite current non-Dublin hurler?
Favourite all-time non-Dublin hurler?
Favourite current non-Dublin footballer?
Favourite all-time non-Dublin footballer?