Resser in the Spotlight


@Stato82 the mans with the stats. Well make a infographic of all his answers if he accepts.


Thanks my friend. I always get a good hearing here.



Flattery will get you everywhere! Or is it that it’s my round next time we meet up? :yum:


For a bloke that never went to school you done well @Rufus_T_Firefly - repect


Ha ha - that isn’t a subliminal reference to the very old Oisin McConville v Paul Casey argument here, all those years ago, or is it simply that we’re all thick!!??! :grinning:


Nah - just me acting the eejit … and I didn’t even spell respect right! :grin:


Well @Rochey , are you out of the pit yet :grin:


Yep, a few bits and pieces to do tomorrow but am up for it if you like…


Fair play !



Did you ever frequent Martins or the Willows

Play pool in The Classic ? I always avoided it when i was a kid , thought it was dodgey

Are you a St Kevin’s man


Welcome in an tUasal Na Munna, suí leat féin, agus déan tú féin compordach.

Wayne’s World 1 or 2?
Wayne or Garth?
Tia or Kim? Or Rob?
Dreamweaver or Bohemian Rhapsody?
Chris Walkin or Charlton Heston?
Steve Tyler or Alice Cooper?
Donny Brasco or Carlito’s Way?
Reservoir Dogs or Pulp Fiction?
John Travolta or Sam L Jackson?
Glaisnaíon or An Mairíne?
Fionnradharc or Cluain Tarbh?
Super Valu, shopping as it should be or you always head to Tescos in Omni or Clearwater?
Blanch Centre or Charlestown?
Secret Dundrum TC fan?
Dalyer or Highbury/Emirates?
Emirates or Etihad if you’ve ever flown far east?
Britain or America?
Britain or ‘Europe’?
Hurling or 'ball?


Both, but used to go to Martins every Friday night in my early 20’s. DJ Tony was the main man!!! Willows the odd time, as one of my older siblings frequented there, but I was mostly an Autobahn lad!

Yes, played snooker in the classic when I was in my early teens if I didn’t feel like the lawn disco!

St. Kevins educated and battered… Is it that obvious!!!


1, most definitely! Never a fan of sequels!

No opinion, found them both rather disturbing really!

Tia Carerra all day long. The things my sock had to put up with over her…

Bohemian Rhapsody. The brother was a huge Queen fan so I was brainwashed!

Christopher Walkin. Always felt he pissed ice cubes he was so cool!

Tyler, only for the video of “love in an elevator”… Again, my sock gets an honourable mention!

Donnie Brasco. One of my favs of all time!

Reservoir dogs. Again, a movie I just fell in love with… Minus the sock this time.

Up until recently I’d have said Sam LJ. But recently have seen a lot of old Travolta work. Now I’m undecided!

Glásnaoin. Tá a lán chairde ina gconaí seo.

Cluain Tarbh… Ba mhaith liom Tarbh! Mooo

Neither, Lidl mostly, but Tesco or MS since it opened in Omni the odd time. The value in Lidl is far greater and the staff far friendlier!

Blanch. No competition.

No, been once, hated the pretentious c***s I bumped into. I mean, just because I tried to dip their pockets they get all snobby and start calling me a “scobie” and “scrote-bag”… Snobbery at it’s height!

Was only in Highbury once and same for Emirates, been in Dalyer loads of times. I guess Dalyer and Highbury had/have that old school feel. Highbury was a very special day too, the last game of the undefeated invincibles when Arsenal beat Villa 3-1. Got to see Bergkamp, Henry, Pires, Ljunberg, Adams, Campbell, Vieira and Fabregas. That was some frickin team. Emirates was special too, as I brought the eldest lad and he loved it. I love the odd trip to Dalyer, but I guess Highbury is my answer.

Never flew that far, so never had the pleasure… Sorry!

America. I have 3 siblings living there and always love the welcome both they, and their friends always offer us. Don’t go often enough to be honest. The country is in shit, but I have had too many good times there to say otherwise!

Europe. 875 years of torment, and all that jazz!

Preferred playing hurling, even though I was better at football. Prefer watching hurling, even though, my best days as a Dubs and Mun man have involved the big ball.

Thanks Al…! :slight_smile:


What do ya make of the Beneavin been turned into a Tescos Extra ? Id been away from the area for a couple of years & couldn’t believe it

Did ya ever get James McCarthy to take a round for ya in the Willows :joy:

Did you think Dean , Philly , Small & McCarthy would make it when they’re were kids .How chuffed were ya that they did

Who would have been the bigger rival , Na Fianna or Erins Isle ?

Did ya go to St Canisis or Dela Sal ?


That was a mad one. Never really drank in it, but came across people that did, let’s just say I wasn’t a fan of the kip!!!

Yes, he did once! I abused the shit out of him, then gave him a nice tip.

Dean and James I always believed, I was their mentor from under 10 to minor. Dean for his skill level and James for his desire., funnily both gained the other trait the older they got! I was especially proud of these 2 as I was so involved with them at such a young age. Philly and Smally always shone at underage and their physicality made it a no brainer. I’m exceptionally proud of our lads down with the Dubs, but secretly, would love to have them with us more often.

Growing up, underage, I would have said Isles, we had a great rivalry at our age group. We were the top 2 teams in Dublin at the time, they’d pip us, then we’d pip them. As time passed and Isles got weaker, NaFianna became or nearest rival locally speaking. I have a lot of good friends in both clubs, so nowadays it’s more about banter than intense rivalry.

Neither, I went to Sacred Heart BNS. The prefabs!


Just off you having friends in both of those clubs .
This is a really left field question , you probably wouldn’t know him . But i remember been down in Isles around 1989 . Was training there . I dont know his second name but the guys first name was Arthur . He would probably have been training the underage / juveniles .
Would you have known if him.


Great answers Rochey! Think you’re a bit harsh on Super V, I always found it really friendly, and for a small shop in a working class area it had great choice. It employed alot of local people. It responded much better to the competition of Lidl and Aldi than Tesco has ever done, not to mention more local/Irish products than Tescos for a long while.
And it sells match tickets! :grinning:

Gerald Fleming or Gerry Murphy?
John Doyle or Jerry Scully?
Evelyn Cusack or Jean Byrne?
Do you remember Evelyn Murphy or Joan Blackburn?
Snow or sun?
Thunderstorm or mad storm?
Ever seen freezing rain?
Graupel or hailstones?
Artic blast or Beasterly?


Macaris or The Miami ? (I’m well aware it’s now renamed Macaris as well)


Can’t say I do to be honest, but the name does ring a bell. Mind you, I can’t remember my own name these days!!!


What do call the road the Autobahn is on?

WW2 caper flick or cowboy movie?

Jamesy, Deano, Phily, if I put a gun to your head & made you pick one we’d have to do with out this year, who do you pick?

Sep 18 2011:
5pm - 12 midnight
Midnight - 7am
7am - 5pm
What/where did you do/go/meet etc

John Wayne or Clint Eastwood?

Batman or Superman?

Coppers or Lillie’s?

Agatha Christie or John Grisham?

You could sit down with Jayo & ask him 3 questions, what would they be?

Describe St Vincents, BK & Na Fianna in a single sentence of no more than 5 words each.

Favourite Michael Caine flick

Favourite Elvis, Beatles & ABBA songs?