Resser in the Spotlight


None of the mods have been done :thinking:

Or @Rochey , he’s on nights ?


If I may make a suggestion if we drag away tayto and guy in cognito from the trump and Brexit threads I’d like to hear their stories


If @Rufus_T_Firefly goes for it !


Finish at 9am on Saturday, a bit of kip and Rob’s your auntie’s husband!


Good man , post here when your ready at the weekend !


@tayto get over here


Just looking there , there’s loads left & anyone can be nomed .

We still have our overseas posters too


That i know of anyway . Just put out suggestions & well see who bites ,:grin:


I’m across the pond?. Does that count as overseas? will give it a shot after the weekend.


Of course , ill add you to the list !


No issues my friend and thanks to all for the gentle questions. Told you I’d be a boring old fart!! :nerd_face:


Great stuff @Rufus_T_Firefly , excellent job .

So our roving reporter @GuyIncognito , your deadline is up , time to deliver the headlines .


Played a blinder! Extra marks for putting your answers in bold! Made easy reading.


Thanks gents.


Jaysus I got no marks for putting everyone’s questions in bold, am I out of the koolaid gang?

Great job Rufus, you will always be Mr Non-Dub here, the original(them Meath lads couldn’t hack it when the pressure came on). Many have arrived, and entered. But very few have stayed…


Out off? You where never in it… :grin:


Ill pass thanks @JJF - i always crack under questioning.


Perhaps you should change your name to Quavers then …


Or chick… chick… cheeqateese


Great answers, @Rufus_T_Firefly - always the gent. Well done. A pleasure asking you questions and reading your answers to them all.


OK if someone wants to nominate someone , they can work away !