Resser in the Spotlight


It’s a light hearted question. No offence intended. Plz delete if inappropriate.


It’s a bit of craic!


… said Rufus, dropping the hand for the first time.


Not inappropriate per se but Jaysus, how in depth do you want to be PD?


how in depth where you in her Rufus is what DCR wants to know.


Can I answer that when I’ve bleached my brain of the mental images of what happens when the local bullies in Raheny get a hold of you, strip you, and tie you (and a dead chicken, heaven forbid we forget the chicken) to a tree?


Rufus, has your opinion of the US differed since they elected Trump?

Not really. It’s a country that is great in a lot of ways, but mental in others. My sense is that someone like Trump getting elected reflects deeper underlying issues, and is nearly a protest vote of sorts. It also brings to mind. Iy always brings to mind that great Churchill quote; "The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter."

Is visiting the city of Leeds itself as grim an experience as watching their football team?

No. I actually like Leeds as a City.

Are you scared of anything… spiders, snakes, heights, flying etc

Heights would be an issue.

Have you ever had a near death experience?

Thankfully no.

Edwin Poots…is it hard not to feel sorry for someone with that name, in spite of the terrible drivel that comes out of their gob?

No chance - ansolutely not.

Do Northerners* use the words gob, durt buuurd and gurrier?

( *Do you prefer a different form of address? )

Dirt bord is a regular weapon of choice. Maggot, pr!ck etc but I do like the traditional a$$hole.

Is there any kind of food that you will categorically never eat?

I’d like to think I’d be adventurous enough with food but I don’t think I could try things like snails, and frogs’ legs. But I’ll snack most thngs!!

Favourite Motown record?

Living For The City by Stevie Wonder


Has your opinion of Dublin changed since we’ve been on our current winning spree?

Still love watching Dublin. This current team is great. However I’d love to see Mayo win an All Ireland, so I would have been willing them on last year just as I did for yourselves in 2011.

Do you ever find yourself mumbling “population” and “resources” when there are no Dubs within earshot?

No. I think they are factors but that’s not Dublin’s fault. Dublin are now making the best of the hand they have. For years Dublin had the biggest population but couldn’t get over the line. I’d be very much against all talk of splitting Dublin in two, but yet I would still wonder where football will be ten years from now, i.e. will there be a push to go semi professional / professional? Such a move would have massive repercussions for football at all levels.

Do there tend to be Dubs within earshot of you, on a daily basis?

No - work in Belfast, so it’s mostly Nordies!!

Can you differentiate between Dublin, Meath & Kildare accents?

I think I could pick out a Dublin accent but would struggle to differentiate between the other two.

How do you refer to us lot…southerners, south of the border, the 26 counties, the South, free Staters, Southern Ireland, the Republic…have I left anything out?


3 most annoying misconceptions people have about yer lot?

If you mean Nordies, then probably the assumption that we all hate each other and don’t get on, that we all have the same accent (a big bug bear that) and that we’re mainly thick / ignorant / stupid.

Your first proper “date” date (as opposed to just hanging out as friends) with a real live girl… how old were you, where did you go & what did you do? And did you even attempt any how’s yer father?

Was very very shy - took me a long time to even hold hands, so a bit of hanky panky was no chance - and they do say a slap in the mouth often offends - think it might have been a trip to the pictures to see Grease - 13!!

Game of Thrones…is you a fan?

I’m not but my sister is, and she got very excited one morning a couple of months ago when John Snow (I think that’s what she said) came out of a hotel we were queued outside.

Romantic city break weekend away with the wife city of choice would be ?

With the boss it would have to be near shops, so probably somewhere like London.

Sun hollier with the whole family destination of choice would be?

We were in Gran Canaria three years ago and loved it there. Was our best family holiday. Going back again this year!

You can explore any part of the US on your own for a week. Where would you go & why?

On my own, I’m not so sure. Never been to the States but would love to go. Chicago and San Francisco would be top choices and would love to go to Monument Valley and Mount Rushmore.


Do you need subtitles to understand Paddy Barnes?
If you could have a meal with a sportsperson of your choice, who would it be and why?
Wranglers or Levis, back in the days?
Are you superstitious, if so tell about one you have?
The person who had the biggest impact on Irish politics, both North and South over the last 40 years?
On a day to day basis what is the most annoying thing about living in a border county?
Francey Bellew, your honest opinion?
You favourite all time Armagh player?
Dogs or cats?
Write a destination of your choice on an air ticket for one to anywhere in the world?
The county in Ulster you would most recommend for a visit, Armagh is not an option?
You find a brown envelope containing nothing else but €1,000, what do you do?
How many days a week do you make the bed?


What’s your favourite term of abuse?

Feck aff ta feck you coont!

To paraphrase Rab C Nesbitt, the bludgeon can be a potent weapon in the verbal joust.

Do you mix professionally with many people of a Loyalist/Unionist disposition? Socially?

Yes. Work in a mixed environment and all sports get regualrly reviewed. My best friends in work are both religions.

Who is your favourite Loyalist/Unionist politician?

David Ervine probably would have been. Spoke to him professionally and was very friendly, down to earth and anxious to sort out his constituent. I probably warmed to Peter Robinson too near the end of his political career. None of the current lot stand out.

Who was/is the best Taoiseach, in your opinion?

I’m probably not best placed to answer to be honest. I always liked CJ, we all up here owe Bertie a lot, but yet the impression I’d get would be that they were typical of the more negative side of politics down South. The current incumbent comes across as very professional and presents a good image, and he annoys ‘Lord Kilcluney’ up here, so he must be doing something right, but I wouldn’t be in favour of some of his more ‘progressive’ social policies.

Can you play any musical instrument?


Do you have a party trick?

As a kid, I used to be able to roll my stomach which gave the impression of a wave!! I’m now far too fat and it’s many years since I tried it!!

Did Armagh miss a trick by not getting sponsored by Orange when they were a separate company?

Ha ha - never thought of that one. Our link up with Hugh Morgan was a match made in heaven, but it unfortunately turned sour, which is no reference to his diary products!!

What do you like about this forum the most?

Great craic, intelligent posters and discussion and an alternative point of view is always welcomed.

What do you dislike the most?

It can get a wee bit paranoid at times.

Do you frequent any other county’s forum?

Apart from Armagh ( no. Do frequent Boards and GAABoard.

After Armagh, who do you look out for in hurling?

I always cheer on the underdog and love to see hurling become more cosmopolitan for want of a better term. That usually means whoever is playing the Big Three. Would have a soft spot for Clare, as I felt there were echoes of their breakthrough in ours. Dublin’s league final win - and especially the last ten minutes or so - was absolutely thrilling.

Do you envisage Armagh winning another All-Ireland any time soon?

No chance - we missed a couple of golden opportunities for our much coveted secong gong. The time is now long gone.

If you could change one rule in Gaelic football, what would it be?

Free kicks can be taken out of the hands but points from frees must be taken off the ground.

Same question for hurling?

It seems fine to my uneducated eye.

What other sports enthuse you?

Rugby Union, Cricket, Cycling, Soccer, Snooker, Major Atheltics Events - the majors in golf. I hate Forumla One.

Is Mrs @Rufus_T_Firefly an Orchard County woman?

Absolutely - Armagh City!

What would you recommend to any visitor to County Armagh? or Ulster, as a whole?

Armagh - the museums, history, architecture of the City - the Ring of Gullion in South Armagh - Lough Neagh in North Armagh.

In Ulster, Mournes, Giants Causeway, Antrim Coast Road, Lakes in Fermanagh, Sperrins, Donegal - wonderful scenery and coast.

Do you miss Bart/@TheLoneRanger?

Very much. We had the equivalent of Bart in our own forums in Armagh and they ended up leaving, so I was very careful to give Bart his opinion. He was also very knowledgeable. This is a poorer place for his parting. Any chance of getting Sack-in-Spandex back - he used to make me guffaw!!

Who is yo BEEP-BEEP-BEEP… I’ve started, so I’ll finish…
Who is your favourite non-Dub resser?

Has to be my fellow Ulster Man - the Daller.


Rufus T - brilliant answers. Pint on me the next time yer down Northside.


Do you need subtitles to understand Paddy Barnes?

Ha ha - it’s raw alright, but I can pick it up.

If you could have a meal with a sportsperson of your choice, who would it be and why?

Hmmm - the thought of sitting down with Maria Sharapova to discuss lobs and forehands sounds very appealing, but I’d probably want to chat with John Giles. I’d love to ask so many questions about Revie, Clough, Paris 1975, Dunphy etc.

I remember back in the mid eighties, a couple of mates - two brothers - were Liverpool fanatics, and they (Liverpool) were in their pomp, whilst Leeds were wallowing in the second division. their da, a wise old sage, who supported Celtic, usually kept his counsel, sat behind a copy of the Irish News.

The talk was always Liverpool and one day, in the front room, the question was asked, who is the best midfielder in Britian - Souness or Robson. Exasperated, all I could utter was…"aye, you can have your Sounesses and Robsons, but lLeeds had a player and neither the two of them would have been fit to lace his boots!!"

"Who!?!" was the response,

"John Giles!"

The Irish News was lowered momentarily in the corner of the room and one word uttered,

"Correct!" before the Irish News went back up.

That was my single moment of triumph in debates in the eighties with Liverpool supporters!!! :worried:

Wranglers or Levis, back in the days?

Levis were cooler, but I think I wore Wranglers because they were slightly cheaper, although the even cheaper Lee jeans began to get a run out.

The Levi’s Ad with Brad Pitt was wonderful - the girl - the sound track - and the rebirth of Bolan, however momentarily.

Are you superstitious, if so tell about one you have?

I was very superstitious when playing football. I would try and keep everything the same after from game to game - same seat in dressing room - same gloves - same routines etc. Not sure if it counts, but I would - like most in my community - go to faith healers for things like sprains.

The person who had the biggest impact on Irish politics, both North and South over the last 40 years?

There are a number who can lay claim to that. Ian Paisley, Bertie Aherne, CJ Haughey, David Trimble, Gerry Adams, but for me the king of them all is the imperious John Hume. A wonderful, wonderful Irishman.

On a day to day basis what is the most annoying thing about living in a border county?

Although I live in a border county, I probably am not affected too much by border issues. The closest I am to the border is about 7 / 8 miles. For folks living closer to the border, I would have imagined issues around mobile phone coverage would be a major problem, but with roaming charges no longer applicable, that is likely to be no longer an issue. Actually now that I think about it, I like being a border county. Monaghan Town (great place for a night out in my earlier days) is only 15 / 20 minutes down the road, and being further south we have softer accents than the real Nordies of Derry and Antrim!! :grin:

You favourite all time Armagh player?

Johnny Corvan, from my own Club, Armagh Harps - the Jamie Clarke of his day. Was a replacement All Star in 1982, but emigrated to Australia.

Outside of an Armagh Harps Player, it would probably be Stevie, Paul McGrane or Paddy Moriarty from our 1970s team.

Francey Bellew, your honest opinion?

Was a very effective player for Armagh despite obvious limitations such as speed and actual football ability, going on to win a Senior All Ireland an an All Star. Became a cult hero amongst our support. For all the talk about him, he just got on with things. I remember he got sent off totally in the wrong in a feisty Ulster Championship game against Donegal and he just walked when the ref raised the red card. No bad manners or histrionics. I always thought that was a great example to younger players, as bad manners to refs is a real pet hate of mine.

Dogs or cats?

Definitely dogs - we have a bichon frieze called Charlie and he is one of the family - our cat, Belle, was an absolute killing machine and I used to groan when birds and rabbits ended up in a heap at our door. Belle unfortunately took on a Toyota and came off second best.

Write a destination of your choice on an air ticket for one to anywhere in the world?

Rio de Janeiro - it looks so different - would love to see it.

The county in Ulster you would most recommend for a visit, Armagh is not an option?

Definitely Donegal - a lovely county with gorgeous scenery - montains and coastline. Spent many holidays up there and never get sick of it.

You find a brown envelope containing nothing else but €1,000, what do you do?

I’m too honest for my own good. I would hand it in to a police station as I would get an absolute guilt trip thinking about the poor sod who lost it. I would also baton down the hatches for the bollocking the Missus would give me!

How many days a week do you make the bed?

Rarely. I’m out first for my commute to Belfast. I don’t mind making the beds at the weekend but the boss won’t have it. Says I’m useless at it.


Do ya want another day @Rufus_T_Firefly or do you wanna hand over the baton to someone else .


I’m happy to hand over - do I nominate - who has gone before?


Nom away , ill check who has been done already .


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