Resser in the Spotlight


Qtown, beautiful but spoilt, millionaires playground. Nearby Arrowtown, goldrush mining place, is great.
Milfird, stunning, too many tourists, do it very early on a winter’s day or just go to west Norway, much quieter I’d imagine.

You been there Dave? What did you think?


It was a place that the youth in the day would hang around…

I’ve heard stories of what JN and his minions would do to lads from Grange-Woodbine if they caught them. You were alright if you were from Edenmore, apparently.


It’s after taking me nearly 2 days to catch up on this. Should have known AL was in the hot seat!


Best Bond girl & baddie?

Jason Bourne flicks or Mission Impossible flicks?

When the final whistle went last September, did doing the 3 in a row, feel like you thought it would?

Memories of “that” Kerry game in 2013? (Should I put the kettle on?)

Do you get homesick? What do you do when it hits?

Most annoying Irish accent?

Langers…obnoxious twats, mad but harmless, or decent skins?

Are you a swimmer & do you prefer pools, or the sea? Favourite beach, here & in NZ? Have you ever skinny dipped?

Do they have sharks, poisonous snakes & spiders in NZ, that Oz is famous for?

Resser, who doesn’t post any more, that you can admit now, you never liked.

What’s the NZ grub like?

a) Whitney
b) Celine
c) Mariah
d) None of them. If I want to hear bitches shrieking, I’ll go down to the local kennels

Favourite Fr Ted scene, quote & character?

Worst/best airport to have a long layover in?

When you were 16, did you buy your choons in Pat Egan’s (because it was cool) Dolphin Discs or Golden Discs?

Army, navy or air force if we had compulsory military service duty here?

Are you in NZ for good, or just a few years?


That’s gas, and all done in the grounds of a holy place that wasn’t even in Edenmore! My run-in with TH was him and his posse harassing us when me and and a few mates were playing ball on the pitch at the junction of Edenmore Rd and Harmo Rd. He wanted to find someone to have a fight with, which we naturally declined. Then asked where everyone was from, and when it emerged that one of us was from Tonlagee they “arrested” him, as well as taking our ball, telling us to go home “this is our pitches and we say who can play here”, and took him off for interrogation to the bigger gang on the Green. They started roughing him up but luckily he legged it. We were about 10yo at the time. I was sure the mad c*t was going to hunt us all down in school, The Yard was not a place of personal guarding or new identity. Anyway don’t think anything more came of it though our pal from T put in a complaint which I think warded those guys off.
The moral of the story, children is that foreigners are to blame, especially for terrorism.


JN, aka “50-pence Head”, was reputed to ‘arrest’ you if he came across you in The Dump or The Monks; tie you to a tree, rain a few clatters on you and, as a final ignominy,rob your trousers and leave you there. There were also lurid accounts of a chicken, stolen from one of the cottages that backed on to The Dump, having its neck wrung and being part of the ceremony!

All hopefully apocryphal at this remove but certainly stilled our childish play when his fine and delicate features lumbered into our view when we were younger!


Couple of years. Still haven’t done loads of things and haven’t met ROC! “Rory, Rory, buddy! Do you know me? Do you know me mate Anto??”


Ha! So very like THs gang modus operandi eh? Those lads must’ve been sharing ideas, and not a social media in sight!


Tell about Cambodia


Temple bar- comet records


What goes in Cambodia, stays in Cambodia!


Fair enough, but what it is like to visit/experience?


Diddymao Diddymao!


Did all the must see stuff. Too many tourists. Beautiful people and country. One or two temples ruined by all the Lara Croft references and hype. Most memorable moments were at the border crossing from Nam, still very old school, and the area around the border on the Nam side, still very decrepit, one could imagine é the bad old days. Alot more rubbish lying about in C.
The Killing Fields stuff is beyond shocking, and very real to me who grew up with it on the news. The holding centre/prison in the city is probably the more “real” experience in a way, and therefore I found the hardest, very evocative. Very little visible signs of the ‘camps’ in the countryside left.

Did you go there?


That’s it! Great place. Probably long gone.


Proud Dub, one more thing about NZ grub, the eateries, lots of them to look at are based on this big cultural notion here of the down home simple place in the country, so pre-loved timber, casual look, shack chique and all that. They all dream of their ‘Bach’ in the country by the sea somewhere. They also make great use of old steel containers, the ones that go on trucks. And they have a chain of cafes called Shaky Isles based on the earthquakes.


Very interesting.

Why NZ in particular?

How are the Kiwi’s different to us?

Were youse there for the earthquake? Did you shit yourself?

Do you live in the city or the 'burbs?

Do you live in their version of Balbriggan, Ballsbridge, Baldoyle or Ballymun?

Do you agree that Dan Carter is an absolute ride?

Have you been back here on yer holibobs since you moved away? How did it feel coming back & then leaving again?

Favourite kind of cream cake?

Do you put cutlery in the dishwasher up or down?

Michael Murphy or Conor McManus?

Lee Keegan or Kieran Donaghy (in his prime)

Speaking of which, do you leave skid marks?

Does Conor McGregor make you feel proud/ashamed/embarrassed to be Irish?

Best GAA journalist?


Bloody 'ehhllll you’re forensic! Ever think of doing that?


Right I think everyone’s well bored of me now. Clear the decks, and bring on the one, the only, the greatest,



Fiiiiiireflyyyyyyyyy!!! (kermit the frog intro)


Fair play @5AliveOh . Didn’t know you were residing over in New Zealand . That would explain your late night replies to me :grin:.
The quality of the answers just keep improving .Add yourself to that list.

So @Rufus_T_Firefly if your up for it , the floor is yours :blush: