Resser in the Spotlight



Cmdr Riker.

Long story. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Ah ya can’t leave us hanging like that !


My ComLink guy was one of my biggest clients, when I worked for a gift marketing wholesale company in Nashville. We met face to face for the first time, at at industry trade show in Vegas, when we played hookey from work and met up at…wait for it…The Star Trek Experience. (Scarleh fer me Ma… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:)


Will & Deanna were our code names for each other, when we rang each other at work & we didn’t want our boss/coworkers to know we were ringing each other on company time.


FFS… keep up, old chap. The question wasn’t for you (though I agree with the entirety of your answer).


Is Ciaran Whelan not the captain of the good ship Bleedin’ Obvious here?


So how have found been in the spotlight for nice reasons rather than…:grin::grin::grin::+1:


Oh, I’m always ready for my close up, Mr de Mille. :grinning:



Aloha From Hawaii - Elvis
I’m Your Man - Leonard Cohen
The Mission Soundtrack


Whole Lotta Love - Led Zep
Born to Run - Bruce
One - The Dutch Tax Dodgers


Aye, aye, aye - The Pope hasn’t ascended into heaven ya know!

My question: J McGinley’s, or JJ Kavanagh’s?



Dublin Coach.

All the way baby.

And I do mean All. The. Way ! :stuck_out_tongue:


Here ya go.


Looks really cool - fair play or live long and prosper?


Unfortunately, the bloody thing is too heavy to wear. (If you were so inclined.) It drags down any fabric you pin it too. They never warned me about that in Goldfinger. :smirk:


Batch or pan?
Toast, one side or two?
Cheddar, red or white?
If circumstances had been different, would you have preferred to remain Stateside (Trump, notwithstanding)?
Favourite Dublin jersey?
Have you any (or did you have) affiliation with a GAA club?


Brennans sliced white pan, or Vienna roll from Superquin if it’s a picnic on the beach in the summer.

Both sides. If one side is raw, it ain’t toast. What kind of a weirdo are you?

White cheddar. But if I had my pick of all the cheeses, I’d go with a really stinky blue cheese. Yum !

No. The USA is not where I want to grow old & die. It might be, if I was loaded and/or had a lot of family there (in the warm parts, where I wanted to live) but I’m not & I don’t, so home is here. Sorry. Does that even make sense?

Any of the Arnotts ones.

I had a foot in both the Na Fianna & BK camps many moons ago. No affiliations since I’ve been back.


We’re asking the questions here, ok?


@ProudDub had you down as a Batch women…


Do you not have a washing machine you need to service or something?