Resser in the Spotlight


Solid gold ComLink. (From Star Trek.) Hand made for me by the love of my life. Before the current one. (No. Not Jimmy Keavney. Or David Soul.)

Wedding ring of my paternal great grandmother.

My tickets to Disney World & the Kennedy Space Centre from 1982. I decided there & then, I was going to live there when I grew up.


Gulp… and I thought I was the only resser that cared for that type of stuff. Ferris Bueller your my hero.


If you could hack one resser’s account for a day, whose would it be and why? What would you post?


Pretty impressive, eh?

And he took a course in gold smithing to make it. He was a qualified silver smith, but when he went to make the ComLink in gold, he realised working with gold was a much different proposition than silver & he didn’t think he could do it, without proper training. So t’was off to night school for a 12 week course in being Goldfinger to my…ahem…ahem…Miss Moneypenny ! :joy:

I’m at work now, but when I get home tonight I’ll throw up a picture of it.


The old Bart, on the old site. Absolute bellend !

And I mean that in the best possible taste…



Controversial :zipper_mouth_face:


Well, I did think about starting a fight between Vincents & BK. That’s always good for an afternoons entertainment. But they don’t really need my help starting those, do they?


What would you drive if money was no object?

Who’s the coolest James Dean or Steve McQueen?


Oh phooney…not even a fair fight.

Steve McQueen wins hands down.

JD is an over rated, petulant prima donna.


I’d drive His car from either Bullit or The Getaway.

You know the hairpin turns from the famous car chase in Bullit? I done drove that in San Fran 2 years ago. Mad craic altogether !


Who is your favourite Munster rugby player?


Who do you think is the best Dublin footballer never to win an All Ireland?



Who is your favourite Meath player?
Kildare player?
English rugby player?


Stuart Lowdnes
Seanie Johnson
Bill Beaumont


Have ya had enough @ProudDub :joy:


Did you ever buy tickets from you-know-who?


No and No.


Ciaran Whelan.I’ve always felt that if we had himself and Jayo (for B.Brogan) for the last 10 minutes against Cork in 2010 semi we would have seen that game out and made the final.With respect to Down I dont think they would have stopped us.


@ProudDub Kirk or Picard ?