Resser in the Spotlight


It’s a bit of fun :grin:, god knows we need it around here :laughing:


Oh g’wan then…:scream:


Yeyyyy :blush:
Ok as in original post nothing too intrusive & of course you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to !

So @ProudDub , what prompted your return to Ireland . Answering is optional !


3 back to back deaths in the family…


3 other posts (waiting approval) are me.

I can’t log in as PD on my work computer. So had to pick a new ID - Darcy.


This is going well…


3 Desert island discs PD?


Singles or albums?



Why did you pick Ena Sharples as your avatar? Is it because your Coronation Street’s biggest fan or because like Ena you believe we all have loose morals on this site, or your taking no shite off culchies or southsiders?


She just appeals to my inner battleaxe. :stuck_out_tongue:

Never seen a full episode of Corrie. Never been into soaps, but my sister was, so I know who she is. My avatar choice, was between her and the fair Hilda Ogden.


And I have to say a very good avatar!

@ProudDub - Favourite Film and Soundtrack.


Soundtrack is The Mission. No contest.


Couldn’t pick just one film.


Airplane, The Godfather, Star Wars (originals), everything by Hitchcock, Blade Runner & Jaws would be good jumping off points though


Can’t argue with the mission though I would put forward the argument of Once Upon A Time in a America is as good as…


Do u not mean Once Upon A Time in The West?


@ProudDub what aspects ( things to do , etc )of living in Atlanta did you most enjoy most.


1st of this month… Croke Park or The Aviva… Where were you?


@ProudDub Do you regret moving home ?

Ever head down to Savannah Georgia ?


The Weather
Proximity to Florida
Braves games
Great BBQ
Direct flights to Dublin
The music
Southerners…they get a bad rap, for being racist, rednecks etc etc, but they are very like us in many ways. Great craic altogether & very, very hospitable.