Reservoir Dubs Player of the Year 2017


Donie Vaughan for me all the way ! :grin:


You vote in the poll in the second post. The tabs in the first post in the thread don’t work.

Jamesy for me. Imperious all year & there when it mattered most in the AI final.

Clucko second.

Deano third. If he had backed himself to go for that goal, that was served up on a platter in the AI final, he may have leap frogged over the others, but he didn’t, so he won’t.


Sorted, ta.
No goal was served up on any platter, it was discussed in the match thread, the goal was covered by a Mayo back. The one situation where there might have been a chance was where he cut through along the endline, and somebody started to make a move to him away from their marker but a pass would not have yielded a certain goal.


I know, I know. Nuffink is certain in this wurrild. But I would have bet James Horan’s bank balance on his scoring, if he had gone for it.


When I saw it was you who responded, I read it as you had it fixed so you could only make one choice :joy:


With 84 votes cast its Cluxton 36%, McCarthy 29% , then comes Mannion 12% and Con 11%.

I close this on Monday, might get a couple of stragglers over the weekend.


The COC should be there the gift that keeps giving


With 90 contributers the vote is now closed. , Cluxton takes it with 39%. James McCarthy in 2nd with 28%. 3rd is a tie between Con and Mannion with 10%.

Res Dubs player of the year more prestigious than the all stars.


Fecking right it is! :slight_smile:


I assume we are at some point going to present Steo with a physical award of some type?


A gold-plated kicking tee with a GPS attached.


I will post some bank details tomorrow. If everyone throws in a tenner I’ll get a nice gift.


Dub09, are you a Nigerian prince/ ex-government minister?


Funny enough no … but a good mate of mine down Parnell St way has a cousin in Lagos who has US$900m in a bank in Switzerland but needs €3,000 to release it. PM me for full details.


I’ll call the bank first thing in the morning.


We should probably get something for Cluxton as well