Reservoir Dubs Player of the Year 2017

  • Con O Callaghan
  • James McCarthy
  • Stephen Cluxton
  • Cian O Sullivan
  • Dean Rock
  • Ciaran Kilkenny
  • Michael Fitzsimons
  • Paul Manion

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I hope iv done this right.
Anyone not on the list you want vote for please comment.

  • Stephen Cluxton
  • Johnny Cooper
  • Mick Fitzsimons
  • Philly McMahon
  • Cian O Sullivan
  • Jack McCaffery
  • John Small
  • Brian Fenton
  • James McCarthy
  • Ciaran Kilkenny
  • Con o Callaghan
  • Paddy Andrews
  • Dean Rock
  • Eric Lowndes
  • Niall Scully
  • Paul Mannion

0 voters

I hope iv done this right.
Anyone not on the list you want vote for please comment.


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Throw up between Jamsey & Stevo.Its amazing what a good final will do for ya because I wouldn’t have thought about Jamsey before hand .But when you look back & seen the role he had to play it becomes more apparent .I still don’t think we’ve solved the midfield option try though .


McCaffrey for me and his absence in the final only highlighted even more his importance



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Fair play. Bart made the same point on another thread. Jack is the fastest Gaelic footballer in Ireland, consistently breaks through the defence, rarely wastes the ball, can score, takes the right option, is now a better defender than previously and has an excellent temperament. And I’m in no way biased! Mind you, how will we ever replace Cluxton?


Paul Mannion for me. The most improved and consistent player of the year. Some of his ball winning this year was incredible. Watching him strip the ball from the Tyrone runners time and time again was a joy to witness. Class act


Jonny Cooper for me. Can really tell the difference by how open our defence was, when he wasn’t there early on in the champo.
First half when Mayo were on top and our midfield were destroyed, he was exceptional in his reading of the game, interceptions and then always using the ball well. He, more than anyone, turned what could have been a disastrous half into just a slightly bad one


Cluxton. A leader of leaders. No more to be said.


Clucko for me. Heading for 36 years of age and still the best keeper out there. Fantastic leader too.:+1:


Mannion for me. Superb year, nearly faultless.


They even need Special Congresses to deal with Clucko!!!


The players topping the votes are all great shouts but Im gonna favour the forwards here so its Dean Rock for me. In the US they say defense wins championships but you could make the argument for free takers in our game. They are there to keep you in it, to keep the scoreboard ticking over and to kick the winners.
Gets grief from some quarters but excuse the pun Rock was a rock this year and the last gasp free in the final is up there with Cluxtons in 2011. Shout out too for Con, 2 goals of the year and such maturity for a young lad.


Can ya imagine what’s going through his head .After missing that free against Kerry . But tbf it was a fairly straightforward kick for someone of his standard .It’s the coc of this world you’d feel pity for :sunglasses:.
Career defining kick for him , could have went very badly for him had he missed it .


For me it’s a photo finish between Cluxton & McCarthy.
But going with Cluxton. Still doing the business at 36. A great leader, AI winning captain 3 years in a row, & I’ll never forget one of his kick outs against Tyrone. Must have been 60 meters straight into Scully’s chest.


So far its James Mac 31% Cluxton 29%, il leave it open for a bit.


Very hard call - will go with Cluxton.


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