Repeal the 8th - Poll


Well if they come third in an election, what will they do?


no campaigner just had a little whinge about the media being unbalanced and giving the no campaign a much harder time then the yes side. :roll_eyes:


Unlikely to happen tbh. But the grassroots membership would simply not allow FF to become a junior partner to an SF Govt. In any case the maths for that are a long way off.


Leo could go to the country early. No?


Now it’s up to the legislators ! I understand the dáil is split 50/50 on this issue. Won’t be legislation any time soon. Will probably be a general election before then.


Given the scale of the Yes any delaying tactics could backfire badly (hopefully) on those trying that. If it was closer maybe - but the people have given an overwhelming mandate and to ignore that would be foolhardy.

I wouldn’t see a snap election necessarily - though it could happen. I think the Govt will be keen to get legislation passed and do the next Budget too.


The result will slow any urge in FF to go for election.


Now some no person saying it was hard to say you were voting no in public, poor pettiene.


Not a hope. Martin can’t go down in history as the first FF leader to both fail to be taoiseach and to play second fiddle as tanaiste to a FG taoiseach.


He is pretty much doing just that.


Will be interesting to see where things go from here. The No side won’t let it be at that, and will no doubt look to make the legislation as restrictive as possible. Add a likely election beforehand and that 30% of the electorate that voted No comes into play big time.

Will also be interesting to see the post hoc scramble to claim the victory.


Perhaps, but he can still claim he’s not. To go in as tanaiste leaves no room to deny. Plus the arrogance and sense of self-entitlement of the FF genepool won’t let him, there would be a split.


I don’t agree. There was no split when Charlie coalesced. FF are (a) not stupid and (b) addicted to power. If they come third, it’s coalition as the minor partner or opposition for another five years. That might concentrate minds.


I don’t think Martin could pull it off. He’s not liked, throw in his support for a Yes etc and going into government with FG might be a bridge too far.

But then, they are power-hungry c*nts so I’m sure they can swallow their principles for the good of the country etc etc.


Did the eejit say where he was moving to? If he is opposed to any type of abortion procedures being legal it kind of limits his options. Malta ,El Salvador , Nicaragua or the Vatican are abortion free zones. I have a feeling even Pope Francis would groan at the sight of waters arriving in his country.


He can settle in East Belfast.


Unfortunately the old windbag was probably bluffing.


Like Ray Darcy.


Several TD’s who were opposed to the proposed legislation have already said they won’t oppose it in view of the large Yes majority. This won’t have any great difficulty getting through now and should be signed off by the end of the year.

I’ll never vote FG but have to give them, and especially Simon Harris, due credit for doing a very good job on this to date considering their own party was split on the issue. Publishing the draft legislation had risks but will pay off now as it’s very clear what the people have voted for.


Ah for Jebus sake, no way!

Enough of his ilk there already.