Repeal the 8th - Poll




Now, if a religiously bigoted group based in the Republic of Ireland had tried to lecture the people of Northern Ireland on how to vote on Brexit (for example), there would be uproar from the Orange brethern.


Indeed, and you have touched on an issue that appears to becoming increasingly a factor for many Nationalists up here in the North, in that many Catholics can identify more with the social policies of the more conservative Unionist parties, as opposed to that of the more “progressive” Sinn Fein.

When it comes to the Nationalist vote up here, Sinn Fein hold a significant lead over the SDLP, but there is nevertheless growing disquiet around issues such as Sinn Fein’s disgraceful treatment of Peadar Toibin.


Peadar is at the end of a long line of SF reps of all grades getting disgraceful treatment from the party …


Noeleen Reilly?


No side have put up a rake of posters outside my polling station, clearly in breach of the rule. Those posters weren’t there a couple of days ago, so it’s not like they were put up at the start of the campaign and forgotten about.


You’d be within your rights to …


I couldn’t vote this morning because there was a queue of about 5,000 foreign students ahead of me voting Yes. Has anybody got Mattie McGrath’s number?


Will be glad when this is over, both GDPR and the referendum.


What time are the polls open from/to? Want to make sure I dont miss it


7 until 10 tonight


Seemed to be more voting in my polling station this morning than normal especially younger people.

I think it will be about 62% for the Yes.


our secondary school grad mass was last night and the priest mentioned the 8th in the homily and the prinicpal di the same in her address, aimed at the 18 year olds in 6th year. id say it went down like a lead balloon.


couple of no posters outside the voting station in our village, woudltn say it will affect anything but surprised that the officers left them up :roll_eyes:


looking at facebook, it seems to be a common enough story around the country. As you say though can’t imagine it swaying too many people at this point


Someone mentioned it earlier but the confrontational nature of this debate is likely to bring out the voters who normally don’t bother to vote - ironically despite all the hard work the ‘no’ vote has done on this campaign they have galvanized the type of voters who would been placid or indifferent but now would probably come out and voting yes. Will be interested in how many young males come out and vote. I think it will be reasonably close but expect to come in for the Yes maybe 56 to 44


The mixed messages from the No side probably doesn’t help their cause - are they completely against abortion or against abortion in certain/most cases. All the different groups sharing different messages too, some of them are downright weird and you’d almost think they were a pisstake.


wow. some quality work there lads. that’s getting into fox news territory for just batshit cray cray.

How would anyone suspect that a pregnancy is gay ffs? hearing abba coming from your belly?

And no one supports abortions at that stage of pregnancy for arbitrary reasons you effing gimps.


That last one is a whopper.